Prince Harry: Royal experts reveal why his meeting with King Charles was only 45 minutes

Very soon after King Charles’ shock announcement on Monday 5 February, his youngest son dropped everything and made his way to London from California. The long-awaited reunion reportedly only lasted between 30 to 45 minutes.

Prince Harry King Charles meeting 45 minutes
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Prince Harry King Charles meeting 45 minutes

King Charles’ health issues are no longer news to people. Indeed, since the official announcement on 5 February the news cycle has been dominated by it. Of course, this is a significant moment in British history as King Charles is the first monarch to be open about such a diagnosis.

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The news also seemed to bring other members of the Royal Family to the forefront. For instance, Princess Beatrice was seen making her way to Clarence House, the King’s residence while Buckingham Palace is being renovated, on the morning of 6 February. On the same day, her cousin and the King’s youngest son, Prince Harry, touched down in London and visited his father.

The two hadn’t been in the same room since King Charles’ coronation in May 2023 where they hadn't been seen talking. However, though this meeting could be seen as a sign of reconciliation, what is striking is the length of their meeting.

Prince Harry sees his father for a reported 30 to 45 minute meeting

Tuesday 6 February was an eventful day for the Royal Family. Indeed, it was the day after Buckingham Palace announced King Charles’ cancer diagnosis. As we’ve already talked about, a couple of members of the Royal Family visited the King at Clarence House.

The most awaited visit was without a doubt Prince Harry’s. Indeed, the King and his son hadn’t spoken in person for a very long time as Prince Harry’s visits to the UK are taken up with court. However, in November, it was believed that Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and their two children wished the King a happy birthday on the phone.

Around mid-day on Tuesday, Prince Harry touched down in London and immediately made his way to his father. Sky News reports that the father and son reunion ‘lasted around 45 minutes’.

After that the King was seen with the Queen driving to Buckingham Palace to then take a helicopter to Sandringham. The shortness of that meeting hasn’t gone unnoticed. However, we don’t know how long the Duke of Sussex will stay in the UK.

The reasons why that meeting was so short

Just like everything about the Royal Family, that meeting has been commented on by royal experts and commentators who have been guessing as to why that meeting was so short.

Independent reports that the reason for that quick meeting is quite simple and understandable. On 7 February, they report the words of royal expert Roya Nikkhah:

The King was very tired after the procedure he had had the day before.
I’m sure Harry would have loved to have spent more time with him, but he’s probably quite respectful of his dad going through his treatment.

Roya Nikkhah who spoke to Good Morning Britain continued to explain that the King had not excluded meeting with his son later on depending on how long he stays in the country.

The public annoyed by these incessant talks

However, something that has been quite significant this week is the fact that the public is asking for journalists to leave the Royal Family alone. For instance, when Piers Morgan urged King Charles to reveal the type of cancer he has, his own followers told the presenter to give the royals some space and privacy.

Now, under the Good Morning Britain segment shared on X, viewers seem to want the news cycle to move on. Comments read:

Give it a rest about Charles because it's been wall to wall coverage for the last two days 💤
Who actually cares, ridiculous this is the top news story when there is so many other issues here in the UK and across the world.

Some viewers have also asked journalists and royal commentators to not read things into every action of the royals in these unprecedented times. One viewer explains:

Let's not read into this too much when my husband was going through treatment he slept a lot and when awake could barely hold a conversation for longer than 15mins as waves of sickness came over him.

What do you think of this short meeting? Do you think there will be another one in Sandringham?

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