King Charles: Royal insider claims Queen Camilla knew about his diagnosis when she opened a cancer centre

King Charles’ recent cancer diagnosis has shaken up the country. Amidst this, a source has hinted that Queen Consort knew about the diagnosis as she ‘put on a brave face.’

King Charles Cancer diagnosis Queen Consort Camilla
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King Charles Cancer diagnosis Queen Consort Camilla

The things you do for your work commitments are sometimes too intense. All of us have been part of situations where we have put on a brave front to get through our regular work days while our insides are not as strong or stable as we would like them to be.

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One can only imagine the frequency of such engagements when you’re a Royal, especially, one of the main ones. This comes as Queen Camilla allegedly 'put on a brave' face while opening a cancer centre despite knowing King Charles’ cancer diagnosis.

Queen Camilla may have known about King Charles’ cancer

Buckingham Palace confirmed King Charles’ cancer diagnosis at 6pm on February 5 after his recent hospital visit for an enlarged prostate surgery. It is understood that the monarch personally called all of his kids to inform them about the news and this also urged Prince Harry to return to the UK and visit his father.

Since he had been discharged from the hospital until the Palace’s announcement, the Royal Family has been functioning as normal (well, as normal as can be). Queen Camilla took over most of the Royal engagements as Prince Willaim took care of Kate Middleton and Prince Edward took a ‘short break’ from his Royal duties.

In Queen Camilla's list of duties was the opening of a cancer centre: Maggie's Royal Free - a new cancer support centre at the Royal Free Hospital in London. According to The Sun, an unknown Royal insider has claimed that the Queen was aware of her husband’s diagnosis when he opened the cancer centre but ‘put on a brave front’ and decided to go ahead with the engagement. However, Queen Camilla hasn’t confirmed this claim.

She shook hands with the architectural team and greeted visitors at the centre as the Royal insider claimed ‘she’s made of strong stuff.’ Another insider added:

The Queen has been remarkable.
While her husband has been in hospital, she was by his side and also making sure she didn’t neglect her own duties.

King Charles and his previous health battles

As King Charles suffers from one of the biggest blows to his health so far, he has been advised to ‘postpone public-facing duties.’ However, like any other 75-year-old individual this is not the first time he has fallen sick. The monarch has suffered from many other health battles and challenges. Here are some of them that have impacted his day-to-day life

Chronic back and neck pain

His journey with chronic back and neck pain was also stated by Prince Harry in his memoir, reports The Sun. The King has blamed his past polo injuries for the ‘constant back and neck pain.’

Sausage Fingers

His ‘swollen’ fingers have often been a topic of debate in the last few years. He calls the condition ‘sausage fingers’ but never revealed the reason behind it. However, common causes include water retention, inflammation, arthritis, multiple bacterial infections or even TB.’


In 2020, the monarch also contracted COVID-19 but only mild symptoms. However, the lack of vaccinations made things ‘strange, frustrating and often distressing’ for him.

Other than these, he has also removed a non-cancerous growth from his face, has broken bones, underwent knee surgery in 1998 and got his sight temporarily affected due to scratched cornea in 2001.

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