King Charles' 'secret son' claims he was approached by a woman who was after his DNA

Simon Dorante-Day has been claiming for years to be the ‘secret son’ of King Charles and Queen Camilla. Now he is saying that someone tried to get his DNA.

King Charles Queen Camilla 'secret son'
King Charles Queen Camilla 'secret son'

Simon Dorante-Day may live in Australia but his ties to the UK could run deep. Indeed, Dorante-Day claims that he is the love child of King Charles and Queen Camilla. According to him, he was born in April 1966 in Gosport, Hampshire to unknown parents.

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He has also been alleging that there are anomalies on his birth certificate including the name of the hospital which he says did not ‘deliver to women at the time’. According to Marca, Dorante-Day used historians and family friends to trace back his ancestry and they have led him to the British Royal Family.

After years of claims, Dorante-Day has suggested he does a DNA test but so far this hasn’t been done. However, he now suggests that attempts to get his DNA were made.

A claim on King Charles’ ‘secret son’ DNA

Daily Star reports the story. According to Simon Dorante-Day, a woman once knocked on his door and claimed to be the daughter of Prince Phillip. Speaking to an Australian news outlet, the man explains:

She said that she obtained her birth certificate and adoption papers and found that they were both doctored
The hospital that was listed didn't exist, other details were fabricated. These are points that mirror my own experiences, so I was interested

However, as the woman continued to explain her stories, alarms were raised in Dorante-Day. For instance, the woman alleged that ‘she turned to the FBI’ in order to track her real birth certificate. A big claim which didn’t sit right with the man who has been trying to get attention for years.

He stated:

Of course my bulls*** meter is flying off the handle at this point
I know how hard it is to get any government authority to address these sorts of issues – I hardly think the Federal Bureau of Investigation would just offer up the fact that she was the daughter of the Queen's late husband.

The woman also claimed that the Royal Family had paid her a lot of money to keep quiet and that she had gotten in touch with him hoping to compare their DNA in order to get more money.

Simon Dorante-Day’s story

As we’ve already reported, Simon Dorante-Day is a man who was born in England in 1966 and he claims that his biological parents are King Charles and Queen Camilla. If we were to believe him, that would mean that King Charles and Queen Camilla had a child when they respectively were 18 and 19.

However, it is widely believed that King Charles and Queen Camilla first met in 1970 at a polo match. In 1971, then Prince Charles joined the Navy and was sent to Australia which meant that their alleged fling was cut short.

Since he has claimed that the King is his father, Dorante-Day has attempted to make contact. For instance, he wrote his ‘parents’ a letter for their coronation in which he urged the couple to ‘resolve my issue once and for all. I know the truth, I remember what you did, where you interfered in my life for your own agenda, and I will not stop seeking justice.’

He also urges the monarch and his wife to ‘stand-up and do the right thing’ and ‘admit when you first met’.

The truth about Simon Dorante-Day’s story is not set to come out anytime soon but if we believe his tale about attempts to take a DNA sample, some people are clearly interested.

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