King Charles III: Wild rumours that the monarch had a 'secret daughter' with Princess Diana

Wild rumours claimed that Prince Charles and Princess Diana had a secret daughter through IVF before the birth of Prince William.

King Charles III: Wild rumours that Charles had a secret daughter with Princess Diana
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King Charles III: Wild rumours that Charles had a secret daughter with Princess Diana

Fifty-six-year-old Australian man Simon Charles Dorante-Day claims to be the son of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla. And he intends to take the Royal Family to court for a DNA test. As far-fetched as this sounds, it has nothing on the mind-boggling rumour that Princess Diana and the then-Prince Charles had a secret daughter through surrogacy.

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The outlandish rumour that spread like wildfire

A few years ago, the American gossip magazine Globeran a story claiming that the then-Prince Charles and Princess Diana had a secret daughter. Her name is supposedly Sarah, and she was born through surrogacy in 1981 before Prince William.

Apparently, when Princess Diana was 19, Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the Royal Family wanted to know if Diana was fertile and could bring offspring to the Prince before they were married. Diana’s eggs were supposedly harvested during a gynaecological examination and later fertilised with Prince Charles’s sperm.

However, as the story goes, one doctor kept the embryos after being asked to destroy them and implanted them in his wife without her knowledge.

Sarah was allegedly born in 1981, just ten weeks after Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s wedding. Sarah reportedly claimed that growing up, she was constantly told that she was the spitting image of Diana. As an adult, Sarah apparently stumbled upon a diary about her conception. But as she began digging into her past, it was claimed that a menacing message was left on her answer phone, warning her to stop looking if she valued her life.

The article then claimed that Sarah feared for her life, especially after Princess Diana tragically died in 1997. She supposedly fled to the United States, where she has lived ever since.

At the time, the sensational and scandalous claims that spread like wildfire across the US attracted the attention of the world’s media and made headlines in many countries.

Where did the rumour come from?

Mail Onlinereported in 2015 when the rumours began gaining weight again, that the story started as a work of fiction. In 2011, Nancy E. Ryan self-published a novel entitled The Disappearance Of Olivia.

In the novel, Olivia Franklin is an oncologist who ‘admired Princess Diana and wanted to emulate her’. She then discovers she is Diana’s secret daughter through IVF. Olivia lives fearful for her life because of the supposed threat her existence would pose to the Royal Family.

The author said of her outlandish tale:

I believe my story could have been true. Many have told me that they believe my story is entirely plausible.

Globe published many outlandish claims, such as Sarah meeting with a pregnant Kate Middleton and Sarah’s showdown with Prince Charles, with snaps of the supposed Sarah, which were later believed to have been doctored. Marca notes that thestories of her conception and the existence of a ‘secret daughter’ were debunked by Royal Family experts and all reliable media outlets.

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