Prince William faces a difficult decision at the upcoming World Cup

The World Cup is set to get underway in Qatar in a little over a month; however, the newly appointed Prince of Wales finds himself in a delicate situation.

Lions or dragons? Which team will Prince William back at the Football World Cup?
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Lions or dragons? Which team will Prince William back at the Football World Cup?

Prince William became president of the Football Association (FA) in May 2006. Still, after inheriting the title of Prince of Wales, the heir apparent faces a conflict of loyalties as the World Cup approaches.

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Being president of the Football Association

As stated on, Prince William became president of the FA in 2006, when he took over the role of Prince Andrew. The then-chairman of the FA said:

Prince William’s enthusiasm for football, both as a player and a fan, is well known.

The Mirrorreports that although the role is partly ceremonial, Prince William has taken a more hands-on approach in recent years. The Prince personally congratulated the Lionesses’ squad on their European Championship victory.

After being appointed president of the FA, Prince William, an avid football fan and player, said:

It is the national sport and generates extraordinary passions among millions of people. It certainly did last year for me when I followed England with my friends during Euro 2004.

Choosing sides

However, Prince William finds himself in a sticky situation after inheriting the title of Prince of Wales upon the Queen’s death. Per Mail Online, Prince William is a big football fan, noting that he has supported Aston Villa since childhood and regularly attends England games.

His Royal Highness also celebrated with his son Prince George from the stands throughout England’s run to the Euro 2020 final.

However, as the Prince of Wales, Prince William must acquaint himself with ‘the things that matter to the people in Wales’, according to Mark Drakeford, Wales’ first minister.

One thing that matters to the people of Wales is their national football team. The Daily Star notes that Robert Page’s Dragons have not only qualified for the November tournament but will face Gareth Southgate’s Lions in the group stages. If that’s not bad enough, it is their final fixture of the group stages, meaning one team could subsequently be sent home.

This is where the prince’s conflict of interest lies. It is safe to say Prince William is an England supporter when it comes to football. However, how will the people of Wales take it if the Prince of Wales is seen celebrating an English goal scored against their national team?

Should Eddie Jones’ men face off against the Welsh in the upcoming Rugby World Cup in France, the conflict is non-existent, as Prince William is already the patron of the Welsh Rugby Union and has always supported Wales, per The Daily Star.

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