Prince Harry may meet King Charles on visit but not Prince William, says expert

Prince Harry is expected to make a return to the UK in May. Royal experts feel that King Charles will be willing to meet him but Prince William may want to stay away, here’s why!

Prince Harry meeting King Charles Prince William
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Prince Harry meeting King Charles Prince William

Prince Harry is returning to the UK later this year. Considering what is going on in his family in the UK, it is expected that the Duke will try to meet his father and brother. He previously rushed to the UK after his father’s health update in February.

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With the recent developments in Kate’s health, the Duke is understood to have reached out to the Waleses privately but has not met with them. Will he be meeting Prince William when he returns? Royal experts think not, here’s why!

Prince Harry to meet King Charles for a ‘short and formal’ meeting

According to The Express, the Duke is expected to speak at the Invictus Games 10th Anniversary Service which is to be held at St. Paul’s Cathedral on May 8. An official copy of the St. Paul’s Cathedral schedule includes both Prince Harry and Meghan as guests who will give a speech. While Harry’s attendance is confirmed, Meghan’s attendance is ‘pencilled in as a TBC.’

As May is just around the corner, Royal experts feel that the Duke will make plans to meet his family as well. After his last 45-minute with his father, Royal expert Tom Quinn believes the monarch will be ready to meet him again for yet another ‘short and formal’ meeting.

Reasoning the meeting, Tom explained that the King is ‘more forgiving’ with him than Prince William because he was partly the reason behind his troubled childhood, reports The Express. Tom shared:

Charles knows Harry had a difficult childhood for which he, Charles, was partly responsible and so he is more forgiving than William.

However, the meeting will be short so the Duke doesn’t have much to release to the public when he gets back to the States. Tom added:

The meeting between Harry and his father King Charles will be short and formal, simply because any difficult conversations could lead to complaints being widely broadcast when Harry gets back to the States.

Will Prince William see his brother?

On the other hand, Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams believes that Prince William will try to refrain from meeting his younger brother. This comes as the future King is already dealing with a lot including having to be the rock for the family.

Richard explained that a reunion between the brothers could be ‘too much pressure’ for William who currently has the ‘weight of the world on his shoulder.’ Speaking to The Sun, he said:

For William the pressures are enormous…There's no doubt that it's going to be an immensely sensitive period.
In Williams' case, he doesn't want the pressure and the publicity that all this would give. Also, he is obviously stubborn.

The two brothers have not appeared together since King Charles’ coronation in May 2023.

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