Will Prince Harry reach out to King Charles over his upcoming surgery? Royal experts answer

As King Charles preps for surgery and while Princess Kate recovers from her surgery, it is expected that Prince Harry will call them both, will he?

Prince Harry reach out King Charles surgery
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Prince Harry reach out King Charles surgery

As you likely know if you follow the Royal Family, Princess Kate has recently had abdominal surgery which was successful and is now recovering in hospital for 10 to 14 days. As per the statement from the Palace, the Princess of Wales will be out of action until at least Easter.

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On top of this, it was also announced that His Majesty, King Charles will be undergoing surgery for an enlarged prostate, which the public has been assured is not cancer-related. According to The Independent, King Charles will undergo surgery next week and will also be out of action for some time.

Given the circumstances, it is expected that Prince Harry should call his father and sister-in-law despite the ongoing feud between them. Two royal experts have shared their thoughts on whether the Duke of Sussex will get in touch.

Will Prince Harry contact his family?

Two royal experts have weighed in on whether or not Prince Harry will get in touch with his father and sister-in-law amidst their health issues. Tessa Dunlop, a historian, writer and broadcaster, told OK! that Prince Harry could send a ‘Get Well Soon’ card, however, she does not mention whether there will be a phone call or not:

There could be a 'Get Well' card coming from the house of Montecito.
It would be great if it did happen and it's a reminder to Harry and to all of them, that we're all vulnerable - don't take anyone for granted.
The subliminal reminder is that there's fewer of them and they're more stretched than they've ever been, there's a bit of compassion for the older King.

On the other hand, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told The Sun that if Prince Harry were to get in touch with King Charles or Princess Kate it would be in private and we wouldn't hear about it:

Given the sensitivities involved, it is hoped some approach would be made by Harry but the best thing, and the only thing, would be a quiet or private approach. So basically we don't hear.

Prince Harry allegedly found out via the news

According to The Independent, Prince Harry may have found out about his father’s upcoming surgery via the news. All the senior members of the Royal Family, including Prince Harry, were allegedly informed about King Charles’ upcoming surgery before it was broadcast on the news.

However, due to the time difference between London and Montecito in California, Prince Harry may have not seen the message as it was 7.25 am in California. Therefore, it is thought that the Duke of Sussex found out via the news.

So far, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have declined to comment on the situation.

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