Prince Harry: Royal expert makes unfounded claim King Charles did not want him to come to the UK

King Charles is currently in Sandringham where he is believed to be resting after starting his treatment. His son, Prince Harry has already returned to California after only spending 26 hours on UK soil.

King Charles Prince Harry
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King Charles Prince Harry

On Monday evening, Buckingham Palace made a surprise announcement about the health of King Charles. Immediately, journalists all over the world relayed the news. On top of the ongoing coverage his diagnosis is getting, it was divulged that his youngest son, Prince Harry would be making an unexpected trip to the UK.

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Prince Harry’s relationship with his family has been more than tricky ever since 2020 when he and his wife decided to step down from royal duties. Family relations got even more complicated when the couple started making huge revelations and accusations in books, interviews and docu-series.

Prince Harry’s visit to Clarence House on Tuesday 6 February received a lot of coverage especially because it was reported to be between 30 and 45 minutes long. Now, a royal expert writing in the Daily Mail is claiming something even more scandalous.

King Charles supposedly didn’t want Prince Harry to make the trip

In the evening of 7 February, Robert Jobson published his column in the Daily Mail. Jobson is known in the royal circles as an author and commentator. In his career, he has written several books on the Royal Family including two co-authored with Ken Wharfe, Princess Diana’s personal protection officer.

In his latest column for the Mail, the royal expert claims something quite sad.

I am told that the reality is both more complex and more troubling – that Harry caused some disquiet by ‘taking it upon himself’ to fly over unbidden and at such short notice.

Adding, even more coldly:

Put bluntly, the King was unhappy about what amounted to a fait accompli served up by an emotional but well-meaning son.

The writer thus suggests that the King didn't want his son to visit. The writer continues his column and gives what we should accept as evidence of his claim. He says that it’s ‘striking that Harry was not invited to stay at Clarence House or, indeed, at any other royal residence’ even though that was not the first time Prince Harry hasn’t. It isn’t as striking now as it was a year ago.

Moreover, Jobson claims that Prince Harry’s visit left the King and Queen ‘kicking their heels’ as they had to wait ‘for the errant younger son to appear.’ In the same column, Jobson continues to explain that though Prince Harry’s visit was ‘well-intentioned’ it still reminded everyone of the fact that he is a ‘burden Charles can ill afford in his current state’.

Very hard words from Jobson who doesn’t reveal who his sources are that are telling him the King was unwilling and unhappy to see his son.

Prince Harry could return to the UK with his children

Express reports the words of ‘royal and marketing expert’ Pauline Maclaran who believes the length of Prince Harry’s visit to his father was ‘unsurprising’.

She explained:

I’m not surprised that Harry has only made a flying visit. I think he will have wanted to see his father face to face to offer his support, but he will also not want to make the King’s health issue appear more serious by staying around.

However, while talking to Daily Express US, Maclaran remains hopeful. She believes that this visit, as short as it was, is still a positive sign and could indicate a possible reconciliation between the Sussexes and the royals in the UK. The expert added:

I imagine he may make a longer visit in due course to allow the King to meet his grandchildren face to face.

It is true that King Charles hasn’t seen his grandchildren very often ever since the Sussexes moved to North America but it was reported that on his birthday in November, the King and the Sussexes had spoken on the phone and the couple shared a video of the kids singing ‘Happy Birthday’.

What do you think: should Harry come back to the UK with his family?

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