Psychic makes outrageous claim: 'King Charles suffers from depression'

Craig Hamilton-Parker is a British clairvoyant who recently made a long list of predictions. Some of them also concern the British monarch Charles III and are rather unsettling.

King Charles Depression psychic prediction
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King Charles Depression psychic prediction

The British royals are always the subject of prophecies. Sometimes it is said that Prince William will not follow in his father's footsteps, sometimes Meghan Markle will be history in a few years, and then again Charles is supposedly the wrong king.

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Brit Craig Hamilton-Parker, also known as the Prophet of Doom who is predicting another pandemic, has now add a few more points to the list of predictions for the Royal Family.

The clairvoyant senses the abdication

As reported by, the fortune teller has commented on King Charles III's state of health, among other things. His predictions include the following:

As for the royal family, I've said this before, but I think Charles suffers from depression and is good at hiding it.

However, he will no longer be able to do so this year. He goes on to say:

He is disappointed as king on a deep psychological level, which to me points to an abdication in 2028.

Not only is Charles' mental health said to be suffering, the Briton also sees physical problems coming for the monarch.

Charles is said to be confined to a wheelchair before the end of the year, although the fortune teller leaves out the reason.

He is not the only psychic who has predicted that King Charles will have health issues in the coming year...

There is also bad news for Prince Harry

Craig Hamilton-Parker does not leave out other British royals in his predictions. He has also commented on King Charles' son Harry, who recently had a difficult 2023 with his partner Meghan.

As the Daily Star reports, Prince Harry must expect to lose some of his privileges this year. These include his titles, for example. The clairvoyant adds:

I don't think it will be King Charles who strips him of his title, but the British government. There are elections coming up in 2024 and I can't imagine that stripping someone of their title will be beneficial to the electorate. If he is stripped of his title, it will probably be after the election.

The idea is perhaps not quite so far-fetched: sometime ago, the title 'His Royal Highness' (HRH) was removed from Harry's biography on the Royal Family's website.

Furthermore, although hischildren are allowed to call themselves Prince and Princess, they also have to do without the HRH title.

Only the new year will show whether Craig Hamilton-Parker's predictions will actually come true.

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