Meghan Markle: Royal experts claim she isn't 'happy' with Taylor Swift's photo with Prince William

Prince William was pictured having a great time at Taylor Swift's concert in London. The pair then took a selfie, which many believe has upset Meghan Markle. Here's why.

Taylor Swift Meghan Markle Prince William selfie concert singer
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Taylor Swift Meghan Markle Prince William selfie concert singer

Rumours are legion when it comes to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Several experts believe the Duchess is upset, after having seen the iconic singer Taylor Swift being friendly with Prince William, at her concert in London. The two women also share a history, which could play a part in the story. Here's what happened.

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Prince William spent his birthday at a Taylor Swift concert

On Saturday 22 June 2024, Taylor Swift and Prince William both shared a selfie they had taken the night before, at the singer's concert in Wembley. The picture shows them, alongside Prince George and Princess Charlotte, all smiling for the camera, and looking like they are having a great time.

Prince William and Taylor Swift have met before

Prince William is reportedly a confirmed Swiftie. Indeed, some spectators at Taylor Swift's concert, shared videos of him dancing to the legendary hit Shake It Off, and laughing with his children. The concert took place on 21 June, which also happens to be Prince William's birthday. It looks like the Prince has chosen to spend his birthday evening listening to live music with his children, instead of having a big official event.

Prince William and Taylor Swift have met at least once before taking this iconic selfie. Indeed, while they both attended a charity fund-raiser for Center Point UK, an organisation which aims to end homelessness, the pair actually joined Jon Bon Jovi on stage and began a special rendition of Livin' On A Prayer.

This innocent snapshot he took with Taylor Swift and his children could have remained a simple anecdote, but nothing is ever that simple with the Royal Family—especially when royal experts jump in to give their two cents.

According to Express journalist Rita Panahi, Meghan Markle is said to be extremely upset at having been left out of Taylor Swift's favours. She explains:

If there's one thing Meghan covets above all else is celebrity attention and the former actress probably isn't going to be happy with Taylor Swift making time for William and his children.

Taylor Swift reportedly rejected Meghan Markle once

According to several reports, Meghan Markle and Taylor Swift share a complicated history. The Duchess reportedly sent a handwritten note to the singer, inviting her to take part in her podcast, entitled Archetypes. However, Taylor Swift apparently declined the invitation. According to the Express, royal commentator Kinsey Schofield said:

If you recall, Meghan Markle handwrote a letter to Taylor Swift asking her to appear on her podcast and Taylor had her people reach back out to Meghan and decline that invitation.

The legendary singer did not answer the invitation personally, and had her team do it for her, something which Meghan Markle did not appreciate, according to reporters. However, none of the protagonists have spoken out on the subject.

Between this rejection, and the all-smiles selfie with Meghan Markle's brother-in-law, experts have deduced that Taylor Swift may have chosen a side, but she has never given her opinion on the topic.

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