Royal expert claims Kate Middleton's relationship with Prince Harry may not recover

This royal expert claims that Prince Harry's relationship with Kate Middleton is beyond repair.

Kate Middleton Prince Harry relationship
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Kate Middleton Prince Harry relationship

Rifts between members of the British monarchy often make headlines and spark endless speculation. Among the most notable of these royal feuds is the strained relationship between Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex. Once considered close allies within the Royal family, their bond has faced turbulence in recent times, primarily due to Harry's revealing autobiography, Spare.

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Kate Middleton Prince Harry relationship Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Snide remarks aimed at Kate Middleton

Once hailed as the Royal Family's 'peacemaker,' Kate Middletonfinds her own relationship withPrince Harry almost beyond repair due to his 'snide' remarks about her, according to a royal expert.

As per The Daily Star, Harry's autobiography, Spare, released earlier this year, criticized Kate, leaving a deep emotional impact on her, even almost 10 months after the book's publication. The book discussed disputes over bridesmaids' dresses, with Meghan feeling upset about the way Kate handled the situation. Initially, sources claimed that Kate was the one who shed tears, but Meghan and Harry hit back by asserting that the opposite was true.

Kate Middleton Prince Harry relationship Karwai Tang/Getty Images

In his memoir, Harry also asserted that Kate had a strong negative reaction when Meghan, his wife, used her lip gloss. He also contended that the Waleses, who were the Cambridges at the time, appeared to be 'upset that [he and Meghan] hadn’t given them Easter presents.'

Additionally, The Daily Star revealed that Kate sought an apology from Meghan for a comment about her 'baby brain' during pregnancy. In this turmoil, Kate allegedly told Meghan: 'You talked about my hormones! We are not close enough for you to talk about my hormones!'

Royal correspondent Katie Nicholl explained:

When you think of the personal revelations, and I think you can call them snide remarks made about Kate in Spare, Harry broke the one rule and that is staying silent on family matters.

Katie continued that the Princess of Wales is feeling 'disappointed and let down':

While Kate and Harry used to be very, very close, there's been a complete breakdown of that relationship. I don’t think Kate does angry. I think it is more a case of feeling very disappointed, very let down and feeling hurt knowing that she had no right of reply – and Harry knew full well she had no right of reply.

Furthermore, William was reportedly furious that Harry had dragged Kate into the controversy, especially since she had acted as a peacekeeper between the brothers.

Stronger bond between Kate and William

Amid the ongoing tensions between the Sussexes and the Cambridges, Kate Middleton is navigating the challenges in her own way. A royal expert, Duncan Larcombe, suggests that her strategy involves keeping a low profile and focusing on her royal engagements. He told The Mirror that Kate is 'slowly and steadily' winning the race:

She’s fighting back in the only way she can. The Games were a big deal for Harry. It’s one of the biggest things he does, and Kate just had to grin and bear the fact it’s the Harry and Meghan show while it’s on. Her way of dealing with anything they are up to is just to keep a dignified silence and carry on. It’s worked very well for her and William so far. Slow and steady wins the race.
Kate Middleton Prince Harry relationship Max Mumby/Getty Images

While Kate may be hurt by these revelations, she has chosen not to show it publicly. Instead, she has been actively engaging in her royal duties, recently visiting the Royal Naval Station in Yeovilton and emphasizing the importance of early childhood interventions during a visit to Streets of Growth in Aldgate, London.

Despite the challenges and controversies, Kate Middleton and Prince William appear to be thriving in their roles as working royals. The loss of Queen Elizabeth II hit them hard, but they have maintained their strength. In recent times, they have embraced more PDA, reflecting their growing closeness. An insider told Cosmopolitan:

William and Kate are more in sync than ever. They cherish what they have with each other. For them, family comes first, and it always will. William tells anyone who will listen that he couldn't do it without Kate, and she echoes that right back.

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