Prince Harry visiting Kate Middleton deemed impossible by friends of the royals: 'They don’t speak'

It's official! Prince Harry will be back in London on 8 May. The Prince will go to St. Paul's Cathedral to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games. One question remains: will he take the opportunity to visit Prince William and Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton Prince Harry Prince William King Charles reunion
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Kate Middleton Prince Harry Prince William King Charles reunion

'Life is short' is what Prince Harry was reminded of this when he learned of his father's serious health issues. Without a moment's thought, he jumped on the first plane from Los Angeles to London to see the King, whose illness had just been announced on social media.

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As soon as he arrived on English soil, he asked to be taken to see the monarch and was immediately taken to his London residence. However, it was reported that the reunion did not go as Prince Harry had hoped. Indeed, even though he was welcomed at Clarence House, the meeting was famously short - reports speak of a meeting that lasted between 30 and 45 minutes.
Afterwards, his father and the Queen made their way to Sandringham, and Prince Harry was seemingly not invited.

Moreover, it was whispered that King Charles' entourage made sure they could 'get rid' of the Duke of Sussex as quickly as possible.

To many people's surprise, Prince Harry didn't seem upset and, a few days later after his express trip to the UK, he spoke about how much he cared and loved his family.

Prince Harry kept in the dark about Kate Middleton's health

In March 2024, Kensington Palace took the world by storm when they released a video of the Princess of Wales. In that video, she revealed details about the state of her health.

This video came after weeks of rumours and conspiracy theories about the Princess. And, it all culminated with a Mother's Day portrait which ended up being heavily photoshopped. Following that, press agencies labelled Kensington Palace an unreliable source and people online went into a frenzy. The video put an end to that.

On a more personal note, it was later suggested that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex found out about Kate Middleton's health at the same time as everyone else. Richard Fitzwilliams told TIMEMagazine:

It speaks volumes that Harry and Meghan learnt of the diagnosis from the news. The brothers reportedly haven’t been in contact for months and trust has completely broken down

It is understood that the Duke and Duchess directly reached out the the Waleses. Royal commentator Sarah-Louise Robertson spoke to GB News and claimed that 'there have been some text messages, some exchanges'.

Prince Harry's programme while in London

On Wednesday 8 May 2024, the Duke of Sussex will be back in London for a very special occasion. He will be attending a thanksgiving service for the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games at St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

It is understood that the Prince will be travelling without his wife, Meghan Markle, who is said to be reluctant to return to England with her children. While Prince Harry's presence has been confirmed, no further details of his schedule have yet been released, according to the Daily Mail. Archie and Lilibet's dad - who is clearly on a peace footing - could take the opportunity to visit Kate Middleton, who lives in Windsor.

Indeed, it has been suggested by some royal commentators and experts that the Princess of Wales' health could be the driving force of a reunion. Talking to TIME Magazine in March 2024, Richard Fitzwilliams suggested:

It [Kate's recovery after abdominal surgery] could open the path to reconciliation in the weeks and months ahead.

Will Prince Harry attempt to see his sister in law? The two used to be like brother and sister...

Friends of the Waleses say a meeting is impossible

On 29 April 2024, The Daily Beast published an article in which supposed friends of the Prince and Princess of Wales commented on a possible visit from Prince Harry. According to them, a meeting between the two brothers of between the three royals seems impossible.

On friend explicitly told the publication:

William and Catherine felt completely betrayed by Harry’s memoir (Spare). They don’t speak to Harry and Meghan, and they are certainly not about to start when Catherine is at her most vulnerable.

It also seems like The Daily Beast spoke to someone who used to be a friend of both princes. This person states that, even if the Sussexes reached out to Kate Middleton when her diagnosis was made public, it is 'neither here nor there'. This person continues:

the whole situation doesn’t use up a huge amount of their mental energy any more. William and Kate have accepted it and moved on. Cancer puts things in perspective.


[Harry is] just another person who sold his story to the papers.

This friend also shares that Prince William 'respects' King Charles' wish to reconcile or speak to Prince Harry without necessarily making it his own priority. Indeed, this person shares that Prince William's priority is 'protecting his family from stressful situations.'

Finally, another hurdle seems to be present between Prince Harry and a visit to his family: Queen Camilla. It is stated by The Daily Beast that Prince Harry still hasn't apologised for what he wrote about her in Spare. This means that, even though 'a get together with his father is far more likely than a meeting with William and Kate', spending any significant time with King Charles will remain difficult.

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