Royal expert claims Meghan Markle is behind Prince Harry and Prince William’s communication

Prince Harry has allegedly reached out to Prince William as the British Royal Family faces a challenging time. However, it seems like the motivation behind the communication is Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry Prince William Meghan Markle Royal Expert Tom Quinn
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Prince Harry Prince William Meghan Markle Royal Expert Tom Quinn

From illnesses of the senior royals to estranged relationships between the two brothers, the British Royal Family is going through a tough time. Considering their influential public positions and a very public life, only a family member would know the insight of their turmoil. While many of the Royal Family members have gathered together to support the Firm, one couple’s support is looked upon the most - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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It is understood that Prince Harry initiated a communication with Prince William apart from the public statement for Kate Middleton.

Meghan Markel behind communication between Prince Harry and William

After claims that Prince William is encouraging his younger brother to move back to the UK, a royal expert alleges that Meghan Markle is the mind behind all of Prince Harry’s moves. According to royal expert and author Tom Quinn, the Duchess of Sussex is ‘encouraging’ Prince Harry to communicate with his family.

Along with a formal statement of wishing ‘health and healing’ to Kate, the Sussex couple is understood to have contacted the Waleses ‘privately’ as well. Tom Quinn believes Meghan - who recently hired a professional photographer to take her kids’ photos - has two reasons for encouraging this communication. He told the Mirror:

Meghan is encouraging Harry to make contact with his family, partly because she will genuinely be sympathetic to Kate and William, despite their past difficulties, but she also knows how bad it will look if there is any sense that she’s not being sympathetic and that she’s not encouraging Harry to reach out.

This comes after ITV's royal editor Chris Ship also confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan reached out to Prince William and Kate but the medium of their communication is not confirmed. Meaning, it is not known if they spoke to the couple over a phone call, video call or just through messages of support.

Meghan involved in every brotherly interaction

With two of the most significant members away from the Royal public life, Prince William, Queen Consort, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Sophie are holding the fort for the Royal Family. Prince William is being the pillar of support for Kate Middleton and the public alike.

As the future King becomes a ‘rock’ for his family, having his brother on his side could prove to be beneficial for his own sanity and health. However, Tom insists that all the messages going from the Sussexes to the Waleses are sent from ‘team Meghan and Harry,’ reports theMirror. Hinting that Prince Harry has not been the support Prince William needs at this time, the expert said:

Harry and Meghan‘s contacts and expressions of sympathy are always made as a couple – in other words, Harry has not been in contact with William and Kate off his own bat.
The message of sympathy comes very definitely from team Meghan and Harry - Harry has not sent a message just from him because he does nothing that might appear to exclude Meghan.

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