King Charles, Prince William: AI predicts who would be making the most money had they not been Royals

Wondering what the Royal Family members would have done had they not been…well, Royal? AI predicts their normal job in today’s world.

Prince William King Charles Royal Family AI jobs
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Prince William King Charles Royal Family AI jobs

The existence of Royal families is highly debated in today’s modern world. While it made sense to have a Royal Family at some point in history and give them constitutional and representational rights, their relevance in today’s world is a controversial topic. A digital PR company Reboot Online confirmed in their recent TikTok video that as many as 45% of people are in favour of abolishing the Royal Family completely.

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Amidst this, the PR firm decided to use AI to predict what these popular Royals would be doing in today’s challenging job market. Let’s find out who would have done what!

Royal Family member reimagined by AI

Reboot Onlineanalysed the university degrees of popular Royals to assess what their jobs would have been had they not been Royals. They took the educational qualifications of the British Royal Family members from the Royal Family’s website and omitted Royals whose educational data was not available online.

The big question is: Would the Royals have been able to sustain their passions with regular jobs? For instance, if King Charles was just Charles, would his passion for environmentalism remain as strong? Let’s find out!

Prince of Wales, Prince William

Prince of Wales, Prince William reimagined by AI digital PR company Reboot Online

He may be next in line to the throne right now and may radically change the monarchy. However, had he not been a Royal, he would have been a Commercial surveyor or Environmental Consultant. Prince William has a Master's degree in Geography and with potential jobs like these, he could have made an average salary of £22k - £35k. Yikes! Knowing how Prince George also wants to follow in his father’s footsteps, would a degree in Geography be the right decision for him?

Catherine Princess of Wales

Princess Kate Middleton reimagined by AI digital PR company Reboot Online

Kate Middleton - who may take months to get back to her Royal duties - holds a Masters degree in History of Art from the University of St Andrews. According to Hello! Magazine, despite being in different university programs, Kate and William met there and started a beautiful journey together. As a former student of History of Art, Kate Middleton could’ve bagged the job of Arts Heritage Manager or Arts Administrator with a potential average salary of £20k - £30k.

Princess Eugenie

Prince Eugenie reimagined by AI digital PR company Reboot Online

Prince Andrew may have disgraced the Royal Family but his daughters have made up for him - both in real life and in AI predictions. Princess Eugenie would have made a potential average salary of £25k - £40k with her university degrees - evidently more than the future King and Queen. The 33-year-old has a Bachelor's degree in English Literature, Politics and History of Art from Newcastle University. Reportedly, she is said to have the best academic grades among the current British royals. With her 2:1 degree, AI predicted that Eugenie could’ve been an Archivist or Art Gallery Director.

Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice reimagined by AI digital PR company Reboot Online

Princess Eugenie’s sister is not far behind her! With her degree in BA in History and History of Ideas she could’ve easily raked in an average salary of £24k - £35k. Her potential professions would be Historic Buildings Inspector or History Teacher.

Meghan Markle The Duchess of Sussex

Meghan Markle reimagined by AI digital PR company Reboot Online

Well, we already know she could’ve been an actress but is there anything more she could do with her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre and International Relations? AI reveals that potential jobs for the Duchess could be International Aid Worker or Theatre Stage Manager. Meghan could’ve made around £25k - £50k with these job titles.

King Charles III

King Charles reimagined by AI digital PR company Reboot Online

Had Royalty not been there, it would’ve impacted Charles the most. Imagine being the face of a country and then being an Archaeologist or Community Development Worker! While both these professions are as honourable as any, it’s no being the King. With his Master's degree in History, Archaeology and Anthropology from Cambridge University, the monarch would have made somewhere between £26k - £36k in these professions. Interestingly, King Charles - then Prince Charles - graduated with a 2:2 degree in 1970, and marked the first university degree achieved by a British royal or heir to the throne.

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