Meghan Markle: Expert reveals possible reason why she did not join Prince Harry to see King Charles

Prince Harry’s recent visit to his father after his cancer diagnosis had everyone asking the same question - Where is Meghan Markle? - Here’s why she stayed back in the USA!

Meghan Markle USA Prince Harry UK visit King Charles Cancer diagnosis
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Meghan Markle USA Prince Harry UK visit King Charles Cancer diagnosis

There are clashes and feuds in every family, but when the time comes everyone stands together and that’s what Prince Harry also showed the world recently. He may have remained silent after Kate Middleton and King Charles’ surgery, but he surely didn’t hold back after his father’s cancer diagnosis.

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Reportedly, King Charles personally called all his children to inform them about his cancer ordeal. Shortly after, Prince Harry rushed to the UK to meet his father. However, one thing that didn’t go unnoticed was the absence of Meghan Markle.

Why didn't Meghan Markle accompany Prince Harry to the UK?

Prince Harry’s visit to his father nine months after the coronation hinted that there’s still hope for a Royal Family reunion. While many took the opportunity to talk about rifts in the family, there was also a spotlight on the fact that Meghan did not come with Harry — but her decision may have been rather well-thought-out.

According to relationship expert Louella Alderson, Meghan Markle could have been feeling too ‘uncomfortable’ to join Prince Harry for his return to the UK. Speaking to TheMirror, she explained:

It's unsurprising that Meghan chose not to fly to the UK with Harry.

Louella claimed that had Meghan returned with Prince Harry, the attention would have been drawn from King Charles’ health to her visiting the Royals. She said:

If she did, the attention of the media would have been solely focused on her being there and not on more important things like King Charles' health and Harry reconnecting with his family.

Additionally, Meghan’s relationship with the Royal Family hasn’t been the best and her ‘discomfort’ with visiting them in such challenging times is ‘understandable.' The expert added:

It's understandable that she may not feel comfortable or want to be in a situation where she has to interact with them during such a difficult time.

When Prince Harry was in the UK to visit his father, Meghan was spotted near their LA house driving around in the neighbourhood with a smile on her face.

Prince Harry rushed back home after meeting with King Charles

Meanwhile, after Prince Harry’s 45-minute meeting with his father, he rushed back home to Meghan Markle and the kids. The Duke’s 11,000-mile roundtrip was reportedly supposed to end later, but he took an earlier flight back home.

Prince Harry switched his flight from British Airways to Delta, reports The Express. It is believed he made the change as his original British Airways flight was delayed by two hours due to the weather - the Duke was welcomed by rain in the country. He was accompanied by a security guard and dropped off his bags 'at the rear of a Private Suites car and jumped inside to remain as dry as possible.’

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