King Charles: Nostradamus prediction resurfaces and the monarch could face a grim future

Among King Charles repeated health scares, another Nostradamus prediction has surfaced.

King Charles Nostradamus predictions
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King Charles Nostradamus predictions

A 16th Century seerNostradamus – who is revered by some, and ridiculed by others, has accurately predicted a lot of events that happened after him. According to Yearly-Horoscope, 70 per cent of his prophecies have been fulfilled so far – including the death of Queen Elizabeth II, World War II, the September 11 terrorist attack, Coronavirus, the French Revolution and the atomic bomb.

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What is Nostradamus' royal prophecy?

Mario Reading – a British Author – wrote a book on Nostradamus in 2005. According to his interpretations, Nostradamus predicted that King Charles III would abdicate the throne and it would then go to Prince Harry, instead of the first-in-line Prince William. reports that, in his book, Nostradamus: Complete Prophecies for the Future, the bizarre predictions read:

Prince Charles will be 74 years old in 2022 when he takes over the throne.
But the resentments held against him by a certain proportion of the British population, following his divorce from Diana, Princess of Wales, still persist.

The Sun confirms Reading’s wild claims and interpretations come from Nostradamus’ line that reads: ‘man will replace him who never expected to be King.’

Does that mean that Prince William, who would have expected to succeed his father, is no longer in the picture?
Prince Harry, by process of default, becomes king in his stead? That would make him King Henry IX, aged just 38.

The other prediction about the King

On 5 February 2024, Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles III had been diagnosed with a form of cancer. Though they haven't revealed anything more, this diagnosis is the second health issue for the monarch since the beginning of the year. Just 10 days before the news about his cancer, the King had been released out of the hospital after being operated on due to an enlarged prostate.

With the King's health in the spotlight Metro looks at another of Nostradamus' predictions about the King. This one reads:

King of the Isles driven out by force

Will the health scares lead King Charles to fulfill this prediction?

Nostradamus predicted Queen Elizabeth's death

The French astrologer’s prediction stood true for the Great Fire of London, Hitler's rise to power and the two world wars that devastated Europe. In his writing, Reading also accurately interpreted Nostradamus’ prediction of the Queen’s death.

The line read:

The preamble is that Queen Elizabeth II will die, circa 2022, at the age of around 96, five years short of her mother’s term of life.

Amongst other claims relating to monarchy, the French writer also predicted that much of the commonwealth would break away during King Charles III’s reign.

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