Prince Harry could be the next to suffer after Prince Andrew left out of Queen's £650M inheritance

Prince Andrew, reportedly, inherited nothing from Queen Elizabeth II and all of it was passed down to new monarch King Charles. Royal experts believe Prince Harry could be in for the same fate.

King Charles' £650 million inheritance could be bad news for Prince Harry
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King Charles' £650 million inheritance could be bad news for Prince Harry

When Queen Elizabeth II passed away, her entire inheritance was automatically passed down to King Charles. In the 1990s Queen Elizabeth II decided that the Royal Family would pay taxes but a monarch’s fortune will be directly passed to the next monarch without any taxes.

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Prince Harry whipped off the Will

According to Royal commentator Daniela Elser, Prince Harry and the disgraced Duke of York are united by ‘some very bad news about wills.’ Daily Express reported that Prince Harry could get nothing from his father’s will just as Prince Andrew reportedly didn’t get anything from his mother's will.

Prince Harry is understood to be more in need of the Royal Family’s money as he ‘fled the palace coop.’ Daniela insisted that the transfer of inheritance from one sovereign to another could have a huge impact on Prince Harry. She wrote in

The wily grandmother [Queen Elizabeth II] managed to negotiate a number of unique tax arrangements only applicable to the monarch, including that money that passed directly from one sovereign to another would not be slugged with 40 per cent inheritance tax.
And that, obviously, has huge possible implications for one Prince Harry, whose brother Prince William could therefore very well inherit everything from Charles.
This inheritance situation only exacerbates further the already canyon-sized gap that exists between William and Harry when it comes to moolah.

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Prince Andrew faces the same ordeal

The Independent reported that Prince Andrew is ‘in despair’ as his brother refuses to share his £650 million inheritance with his siblings, especially him. The Royal siblings are believed to share some resentment because of it, but Prince Edward and Princess Anne receive handouts from the Sovereign Grant to cover costs as the working Royals of the family.

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew will have to live on his brother’s generosity. A source close to The Duke said:

What’s he meant to do? Go cap in hand to his older brother to keep a roof over his head? It’s a disaster.

Prince Harry is up for facing the same ordeal as Prince William will be handed over King Charles’ inheritance no questions asked. On the other hand, Prince Harry could be given nothing considering his decision to quit Royal life.

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Prince Andrew could spell disaster for King Charles and Prince William, here's what's happening Prince Andrew could spell disaster for King Charles and Prince William, here's what's happening