Prince Harry: Royal Family could face another blow from him, royal expert claims

Prince Harry's next move on the Royal Family may be bigger than his memoir Spare. Here's why the palace is terrified.

Prince Harry Spare sequel Buckingham Palace King Charles
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Prince Harry Spare sequel Buckingham Palace King Charles

Every family has certain secrets that may be labelled as ‘dirty.’ Some family members tend to deal with their family’s dirty secrets in private and others like to wash the family’s dirty linens in public. It is understood that Prince Harry’s memoir Spare did just that for the Royal Family.

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However, what if we told you that there’s much more to what’s already been said? Well, reportedly, that’s the case and there may be a chance that we may get to know all that was left behind the first time around.

Prince Harry could potentially do a Spare sequel as many questions remain unanswered

After all the controversial claims that were made in Spare, Prince Harry seems to have more to tell the world. It is pretty well-known that the actual length of Spare was double what the book is now. Prince Harry told journalist Bryony Gordon of The Telegraph that his family would not forgive him if the edited material was released.

Potentially knowing what else might the Duke release, Buckingham Palace fears that he may write a sequel to Spare. Palace aides are understood to have identified that there were ‘large chunks’ of details missing from significant events, reports The Sun.

Fear that three main questions still remain unanswered are hovering over the place right now. They are:

  • Meghan and Kate’s relationship and tensions
  • Prince Harry and William’s alleged row and everything that was said
  • Lastly, if the Royal Family ever tried to stop Spare from being published

A new book on the Royal Family by Robert Hardman - Charles III: New King. New Court - also predicts that a new book by the Sussexes may be on its way. Hardman said:

It did not go unnoticed that Harry and Meghan’s wedding, their married life and their eventual departure from the royal world amounted to a small part – less than a fifth – of Prince Harry’s memoir.
This suggested either a sequel or, perhaps a memoir by Meghan in due course.

Prince Harry’s Spare and its side effects on him

The bombshell memoir hit shelves just over a year ago. It sold 3.2 million copies in its first week of publication with only 1.4 million on its first day. However, a year after its release, the book’s demand has dwindled and many major retailers have slashed the prices in half.

Amidst this, a royal expert has claimed that the book has backfired. This comes as Prince Harry’s reputation lies in tatters and his relationship with his family is left irreparable, claims The Sun. Royal expert Jennie Bond shared:

I’m not sure what Harry hoped to achieve with his blood-letting in Spare, apart obviously from a very handsome pay cheque.
Whatever it was, it seems to have largely backfired as his popularity on both sides of the Atlantic is languishing and the deeply personal attacks on his family only deepened the rift with them.

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