Prince Harry and William: The 'secret code' the royal brothers use in extreme crisis revealed

Prince Harry and Prince William have a ‘secret code’ that can only be used in times of extreme crisis. Let’s find out what that is and when was it last used.

Prince Harry and William's 'secret code' they use in extreme crisis revealed
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Prince Harry and William's 'secret code' they use in extreme crisis revealed

Every pair of siblings have at least tried to make their own language or have secret code words that can be used in a crisis. The Royal siblings are no different. Prince Harry and Prince William, reportedly, have a ‘secret code’ a ‘universal password’ and it may not be what you think. The ‘rivalry’ between the brothers is one of the most talked about subjects around the globe. Their relationship was left in shambles following the Sussexes sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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Amidst this, how do the brothers let each other know their intentions are genuine? Answer: The ‘secret code.’ However, Prince Harry and William’s secret code may not be as common as you’d think. Hint: it involves Princess Diana.

The last time Prince Harry and Prince William’s used the secret code

Many shocking allegations were made in Oprah's 2021 interview from racism claims to Kate Middleton making Meghan Markle cry in her wedding week. The aftermath of the bombshell interview was evidently seen when Prince Harry joined his brother and father at Prince Philip’s funeral. Prince Harry revealed a specific incident that took place back then in his memoir Spare, reports The Mirror.

Apparently, things heated up between the two brothers as they walked near Frogmore Cottage following the service on April 17, 2021. The duke claimed his father and brother refused to listen to anything that he had to say and Prince William, in particular, was ‘really steaming.’ Harry wrote:

I waved a hand, disgusted, but he lunged, grabbed my shirt. 'Listen to me, Harold.’
I pulled away, refused to meet his gaze. He forced me to look into his eyes. 'Listen to me, Harold, listen! I love you, Harold! I want you to be happy.’

Prince Harry claims he said ‘I love you too’ to his brother and added ‘but your stubbornness is extraordinary.’ According to the book, as the Duke tried to pull away from the tense situation, Prince William ‘grabbed him again’ and used the secret code. Describing the moment, the book reads:

Prince William: ‘Harold, you must listen to me! I just want you to be happy, Harold. I swear I swear on Mummy's life.
He stopped. I stopped. Pa stopped. He'd gone there. He'd used the secret code, the universal password.
Ever since we were boys those three words were to be used only in times of extreme crisis.

Prince William reiterated:

I swear to you now on Mummy's life that I just want you to be happy.

It is understood that was the last time Prince William used the ‘secret code.’ Prince Harry claims in the book that he didn’t buy his brother’s argument and told him

I really don't think you do.

Is a Prince Harry and Prince William's reconciliation possible?

One of the biggest questions dawning on the British Royal Family is whether the two brothers can reconcile after the tremendous and very public fallout. While King Charles may be keeping an open heart and arms for his son, Prince William is expected to have ‘closed his mind to the prospect of reconciliation with Harry,’ claims royal expert Jennie Bond. She explained:

Deep down, I'm sure William still loves Harry, but I don't think he can see a way out of the rift that has opened between them.
I think William has closed his mind to the prospect of reconciliation with Harry.

Jennie claimed that apart from accepting Prince Harry, Meghan's acceptance by the royal family will also be a problem for the couple. Additionally, the Duchess may herself not want to be 'welcomed back.' She added:

I doubt that William thinks about them for more than a fleeting moment - and then he probably tries to blank out those thoughts.

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