Meghan and Harry's Oprah interview: The 5 earth-shaking revelations about the Crown to remember

The Sussexes' interview aired on CBS this Sunday, March 7. The couple had explosive revelations on their life and the crown. Here's a 5 part summary.

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It was an event. This Sunday, March 7, the American channel CBS broadcast an exclusive interview with Meghan Markle and Harry in front of their friend, the dreaded Oprah Winfrey. For weeks, clips had been leaked on TV and social media promising incredible revelations, and viewers were not disappointed. On CBS, the Sussexes exposed their dirty laundry.

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The Queen's entourage seemed worried about the content of the interview... Meghan and Harry were blunt, and maybe a little too much. Meghan, who invested in a latte company, responded to rumours about Kate Middelton, Prince Harry did not hesitate to say he was 'disappointed' with his father and that his brother was a 'prisoner of the system.' Archie's mother, currently pregnant with a baby girl, even claimed to have had suicidal thoughts and that the royal family refused to consult a specialist.

1/ They got married in secret

On May 19, 2018, cameras around the world were on St George's Chapel in Windsor for Meghan and Harry's wedding. A grandiose union with an audience of stars, but which was apparently staged? The couple revealed to Oprah Winfrey that they were secretly married three days before their royal wedding. 'Nobody knew' confirmed Meghan Markle, who preferred to exchange her vows in a private setting rather than in front of millions of people.

2/ Archie would have been the victim of racism

Last August, then in full promotion of his book Finding Freedom which talks about Meghan and Harry, journalist Omid Scobie claimed that the Duchess of Sussex was a victim of racism from the Queen's collaborators. And little Archie, almost two years old, also suffered from this racism. Meghan Markle said that Prince Harry had witnessed 'conversations' about the baby's skin color, within the palace, and long before his birth at that. However, Kate Middleton's sister-in-law declined to reveal who the conversations were with, saying it would be 'very damaging' to them, but said it had happened on several occasions.

3/ Meghan and Harry are expecting a little girl

On February 14, Meghan and Harry announced that they were expecting their second child. A symbolic date and for good reason, Lady Di had announced that she was pregnant with Harry on February 14. Still, the Sussexes had not mentioned the sex of their future baby. It was Oprah Winfrey who first heard the announcement: they will have a little girl this summer.

4/ Prince Harry is disappointed with his father

Harry obviously opened up about his relationship with his father, Prince Charles, saying he felt 'abandoned' and had done 'a lot of harm' to him. William's brother says his father has 'been through something similar' with Diana, so he knows what the pain is like. Which is why he finds it difficult to accept everything that has happened vis-à-vis Meghan. Despite the resentment, Harry still has a place in his heart for Prince Charles. Indeed, he said he would always love him, even though he has stopped taking his calls since he stepped down from royal duties.

Another detail and not the least, Harry regrets that his family had cut him off and that his new life with Meghan was financed only thanks to his inheritance from Princess Diana. Now financially independent, the Sussexes can count on partnerships or contracts with Netflix or Spotify to meet their needs.

5/ Meghan had suicidal thoughts

Meghan and Harry are heavily invested in the fight against mental health issues, just like Kate and William, so Meghan's words are striking. Indeed, the young woman who found herself at the heart of a controversy because of earrings admitted that she had had suicidal thoughts while she was a member of the royal family. 'I didn't want to be alive anymore,' she told Oprah Winfrey. And she confirmed having had thoughts of self-harm and suicide.

This is not all, either, since Meghan Markle claims to have asked the palace to consult a professional. Something that was denied to her.

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