Meghan Markle to skip out on the 1 July royal family reunion

On 1 July, Diana's memorial statue will be unveiled in the Sunken Garden. But Meghan Markle is unlikely to come, despite the Queen's wishes...

Meghan and Harry
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Meghan and Harry

Will Meghan Markle make a comeback to the UK? After giving birth to a baby girl named Lilibet Diana on 4 June, the Duchess of Sussex seemed ready to accompany her husband Harry to England to symbolically celebrate Diana's 60th birthday in Kensington Gardens, according to the American website Radar Online.

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According to the media outlet, the former actress is 'not unaware of how difficult it was for Harry to attend his grandfather's funeral alone.' In a surprise move, other sources close to the Sussexes denied a reunion with the royal family ahead of the unveiling of a statue of Lady Di on 1 July.

A gread disappointment

While the date of her delivery has long conditioned her and Harry's return to London, the American is said to have finally chosen not to leave their children and their huge villa in Montecito, near Santa Barbara in California, to look after her two young children. While this misstep will not cause too much displeasure to William and Kate Middleton, this new let-down from Meghan is more disappointing to Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen was the first to reach out to Harry

Meghan and Harry have not returned to Britain as a couple since the Megxit announcement over a year ago. In a bid to mend relations, Elizabeth II has already extended to her grandson for a talk over lunch and was looking forward to reuniting her two grandsons with their wives, as Radar Online reports.

Will Harry's lunch with his grandmother turn into a soupy affair again? For Richard Eden, a Daily Mail columnist reporting on the words of a courtier, the invitation was 'a typically magnanimous gesture from Her Majesty,' an opportunity to chat. After the incredible controversy over the name Lilibet Diana, for which the Sussexes did not ask the Queen's permission, Meghan's announced absence falls like a stone on the pudding...

The Queen tried to fix Meghan Markle's family drama The Queen tried to fix Meghan Markle's family drama