Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte and Princess Anne: Can these women ensure the future of the monarchy?

The British monarchy had often thrived under the reign of women. Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II, those two names resonate with meaning. But there are only men in the line of succession...

Kate Middleton Princess Anne Princess Charlotte Royal Family future
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Kate Middleton Princess Anne Princess Charlotte Royal Family future

On 14 January 2024, Europe lost its last reigning Queen. Queen Margrethe of Denmark abdicated and left the throne to her son Frederik. In the UK, just like in Denmark, the next people in line for the throne are men.

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However, as history has often proved, the British Monarchy thrives when Queens are in charge. As this will not happen for a while some experts are putting forward the idea that the future of the monarchy lies in its women; though they will not be queens.

Wives, sisters, cousins, here is how women can save the monarchy.

Kate Middleton - the powerful wifeand ‘saviour’

This is not hot news to write that the Princess of Wales is one of the most influential women on the planet. Just last week (8 January) we were writing that the ‘Kate effect’ is worth over £1 billion.

The ‘Kate effect’ is ‘the ‘nickname given to the economic influence the Princess of Wales wields’ meaning that, in practice, whatever the Princess wears sells out. Moreover, since becoming the Princess of Wales, a role only 10 women have held, she has stepped up her appeal.

Patrick Jephson, who formerly worked with Princess Diana talking to Marie Claire explains that

Catherine is just what these troubled royal times need

Indeed, through the scandals and controversies brought forth by the Sussexes, Prince Andrew or, really, any other member of The Firm, Kate Middleton simply carries on.


It's no exaggeration that the Windsors' future lies in her hands

Moreover, Marie Claire quotes a royal expert, Katie Nicholl, who, when talking to Us Weekly called the Princess ‘the silent power behind William, the linchpin that keeps everything together.’

Finally, royal commentator Antonio Caprarica referred to Middleton as the ‘next royal saviour’. To reach that conclusion, Caprarica looked back and noticed that royal women often brought success and stability. In 2021, he stated:

When the Queen is no longer there, it's clear the centre of the Royal Family will be Kate.


She's got charisma, beauty, poise and intelligence. So many nice things you need to be a Queen nowadays. It will once again be a woman who guarantees the survival of the dynasty.

If looking at her first year as Princess of Wales tells us one thing it is that, indeed, the monarchy is heavily reliant on her. She is popular, relatable and she is a young working royal, something the Royal Family is struggling with.

Princess Charlotte - the daughter in charge

When a royal event takes place, the Wales children are often in the spotlight. Of course, Prince Louis takes centre stage with his antics and slightly cheeky misbehaviour. While the Prince and Princess of Wales will step in to calm him down but there is another key person that helps: Princess Charlotte.

According to SupernannyJo Frost the only daughter of Prince William and Kate is the one who keeps her brothers in check. Frost explains:

Charlotte knows the rules. She's the one in the middle, (...) She knows how to keep everyone in good stead.

According to Frost, this can be observed through how her brothers, yes even the older one, check in with her during royal engagements.

There are moments when I've watched George and he's looked over at his sister, and he's probably annoyed with her one minute and then grateful that she's there being able to remind him of things, when he's taking it all in as well.

The Supernanny star also spoke to Hello about how it is evident that Princess Charlotte is acutely aware of the protocol as all three children are raised to understand and comply with those rules.

Finally, reports have indicated that her mother’s ‘Kate effect’ is ricocheting on her. Princess Charlotte could grow up to be the most influential woman of the monarchy…

Princess Anne - the right hand woman

On Boxing Day 2023, the BBC broadcasted a documentary focusing on King Charles’ first year as monarch. In it, the relationship he has with his sister Princess Anne was evident.

In the documentary the siblings showed the right mix of familiarity and respect. The film highlighted Princess Anne's role in King Charles’ reign: she is his ‘right hand woman’.

Moreover, even prior to the documentary, it was obvious that Princess Anne had stepped up since her brother accessed the throne. She was named Gold-Stick-In-Waiting which means that she is the protector of the monarch. A role which is more than fitting for the person who has known the King the longest.

Looking at Princess Anne’s role, one cannot help but think that the same might await Princess Charlotte. Indeed, if things continue to be as they are, the siblings should be close and the Princess could become someone Prince George can rely on on his journey to the throne.

Moreover, Princess Anne was also relied on by her mother, Queen Elizabeth. As her only daughter Princess Anne always had a special place. Princess Charlotte, also the only daughter, could inherit the same treatment.

In her lifetime, Princess Anne was allowed to both be modern (her children do not have royal titles and have somewhat normal jobs) while still being the hardest working royal. As the monarchy aims to be modern and relevant, such a path, mixing duty and personal fulfillment, would make a lot of sense for Princess Charlotte.

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