King Charles: This ‘veteran royal watcher’ is revealing more about the monarch’s temper

The temper of members of the Royal Family has been a topic of conversation for many years but even more so in recent weeks. New revelations about the King’s are out…

King Charles temper
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King Charles temper

The beginning of 2024 has been all about the royal authors it seems. Actually, to be completely fair, the season of the authors started back in November 2023 when Omid Scobie released Endgame and may or may have not revealed the names of the two royals who allegedly raised concerns over Prince Archie’s skin tone.

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Then January 2024 started with a bang when Robert Hardman’s new book was serialised in Daily Mail as a promotional stunt. The extracts unveiled sent shockwaves through royal watching circles as they made some wild claims. One of them is about Prince William and the Princess of Wales’ fiery fights and tempers.

Now, another royal author, Robert Jobson, who published his last book back in April 2023, is making headlines and once again; it’s a royal’s temper which is in focus.

King Charles allegedly threw a remote at a TV

These new revelations about the King’s temper are made in an exclusive article from Express. Speaking to the publication, the ‘veteran royal watcher’, detailed the King’s personality.

Without revealing anything brand new, Robert Jobson explains that King Charles is known for ‘his perfectionism, fiery temper and eccentricity’. Expanding on that he stated:

The King can be obsessive, a little eccentric, and he does have a short fuse.

This ‘revelation’ is once again nothing we haven’t heard or even seen before. Indeed, back in 2022, King Charles was seen losing his temper over a pen. However, Jobson did have one juicy claim.

While watching the BBC news on television, he would often end up throwing the remote control at the screen out of frustration.

A very interesting claim which begs the question: how did the author come across this piece of information? The article doesn’t shed light on that.

Who is Robert Jobson?

Robert Jobson is a royal correspondent and expert who has worked with many publications over the years. For instance, he is the royal editor of the Evening Standard. Moreover, Jobson also appears on TV in order to comment on the latest royal news, especially on TalkTV.

According to his own LinkedIn profile, Jobson works with media outlets from all over the world where he shares his royal ‘expertise’.

Between 2010 and now Robson has written many books including two in collaboration with Princess Diana’s former Scotland Yard personal protection officer Ken Wharfe. Moreover, Jobson received the 2005 Scoop of the Year award when he was tipped off about King Charles and Queen Camilla’s engagement.

A review from TheTelegraph of his latest book Our King: Charles III, The Man and the Monarch Revealed doesn’t paint the royal expert in the best light. Commenting on a passage from the book in which Jobson writes about the effect Camilla had on then Prince Charles,Simon Heffer says:

How does he know? Did the King broadcast such a feeling? Did he tell his present wife, and has she broadcast it?

These questions seem to also apply to Express’ article: how does Jobson know the King threw remotes at the TV? Surely he must have spoken to the sources he undoubtedly has acquired through time but it would be nice to be told where these statements are coming from.

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