King Charles: Photos show the monarch's uncanny resemblance to Princess Victoria who died 73 years ago

Royal fans have spotted how King Charles looks weirdly similar to his late great-grandmother, Princess Victoria of Hesse.

King Charles uncanny resemblance Princess Victoria of Hesse
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King Charles uncanny resemblance Princess Victoria of Hesse

If anyone in the world notices the Royal Family the most, it’s their fans and followers. Over the past few years, royal fans have noticed many things about the royal family and it’s members - from quirky habits to uncanny resemblances. In a surprising turn, one loyal fan has noticed that King Charles has a royal doppelganger.

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Last year, King Charles also shared an unseen childhood photo where he looked surprisingly similar to Prince Harry.

King Charles’ uncanny resemblance with great-grandmother Princess Victoria

In this apparently new discovery, a Royal fan spotted how King Charles looks strikingly similar to his late great-grandmother - Princess Victoria of Hesse. Princess Victoria was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria and the daughter of Princess Alice and Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine.

X (formerly Twitter) user Yvette Henson shared two pictures - one of the King and one of Princess Victoria to point out the uncanny resemblance, reports The Mirror. The post was made in 2021 before Charles became a monarch. It reads:

It's amazing how much Prince Charles looks like his great-grandmother (Prince Philip's grandmother) Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine later Victoria Mountbatten, Marchioness of Milford Haven.
King charles resemblance  Yvette Henson / X

Interestingly, Princess Victoria attended King Charles’ christening in December 1948. She is also understood to be the monarch’s - who is set to be Prince George’s mentor - godmother along with King George VI and Princess Margaret.

Princess Victoria was known to be highly intelligent, a keen reader and pretty adventurous. In 1906, she daringly flew in a biplane even though it was ‘not made to carry passengers.’ What’s more? The intelligent royal was often called a ‘walking encyclopedia’ due to her vast knowledge of all subjects.

King Charles’ resemblance with King Edward VII

Apart from King Charles’ uncanny resemblance to Princess Victoria, the monarch is also weirdly similar to another of his Royal relatives - Prince Edward VII. Both of the Royals spent most of their lives as the Prince of Wales, confirms Tatler. They ascended to the throne following the deaths of their legendary mothers Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II, respectively.

In photos shared by the publication, the two Royals also have a lot in common in terms of looks. King Edward VII is the great-great-grandfather of the monarch. According to the Royal Family’s website, King Edward VII hoped for a career in the army but as the heir to the throne, he was denied and only briefly served in the Grenadier Guards in 1861.

It is often considered that King Charles - who is predicted to have a grim future - looked up to King Edward VII for inspiration.

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