King Charles: The monarch receives a warning from this unexpected royal

As King Charles celebrates his 75th birthday, he receives an unexpected warning about the future of the British monarchy.

King Charles warned
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King Charles warned

Today on 14 November 2023, King Charles III celebrates his 75th birthday. This birthday is already causing a lot of controversy as there are rumours about Prince Harry’s invite. It was first alleged that the Prince had declined to come to the UK, however the Sussexes reportedly quickly shut down those rumours and a spokesperson stated that the couple had not been invited.

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Beyond that controversy, the monarch’s birthday is the occasion for publications to mark the day and speak to experts and people close to the Firm.

King Charles has the fate of the Windsors in his hands

Princess Tamara Czartoryska, a Polish-Spanish royal, spoke to OK! to issue a warning to King Charles. According to her, the monarch needs to be very careful as he represents a new chapter for the monarchy. She explains:

The younger generation is our future, and it is in them we should invest

She urges the monarch to take a look at the current time and ensure that the monarchy keeps up. For her, the solution is simple and lies with key members of the Royal Family.

There’s huge interest in William and Kate,
They’re exactly the kind of royals we need today.


King Charles needs to move with the times and embrace the younger members of his family, otherwise he runs the risk of a fall of the House of Windsor.

The Royal Family lost a key assetin Prince Harry

Princess Tamara also points out that, in the past years, the image of the British Royal Family has been deeply tarnished by the family’s incapacity to keep their disputes private. She stresses that this has had a disastrous consequence: the loss of Prince Harry as a working royal.

She told OK!:

It [the British royal family] is not as cohesive as it used to be, It’s now fractured, sadly.
Harry used to be adored. He would have been a fabulous role model but that’s no longer the case. It’s sad that their personal family feud became so public.

Finally Princess Tamara explains that the Royal Family must continue to adapt. One of the challenges they face is influencer culture. The royal clarifies:

Society loves tradition, but it’s important in this day and age of influencers to have an influencer who is on the same level to be a good role model.

This isn’t the first time that King Charles has been criticised for not working harder to mend the relationship with Prince Harry. Especially considering the fact that the Firm is struggling to find young working royals that could attract younger generations to the monarchy.

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