King Charles reportedly offered a royal residence to Prince Harry during his recent visit, sources claim

There are several conflicting reports on Prince Harry’s recent visit to the UK. Some suggest King Charles offered him a royal residence, others claim he didn’t request a's what we know.

King Charles Prince Harry
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King Charles Prince Harry

If you follow Royal Family news, you will know that Prince Harry flew to the UK for the 10th anniversary of The Invictus Games on May 8. Before his arrival, there was a lot of speculation about whether or not the Duke of Sussex would visit his father.

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However, a spokesperson announced that Prince Harry wouldn’t be visiting his father as King Charles didn’t have space for him in his calendar. As with any royal news, several sources have shared their thoughts and opinions on the matter.

Concerning Prince Harry’s flying visit to his home country, there are conflicting claims. Some say the Duke of Sussex didn’t request a visit, while others are claiming that King Charles offered a royal residence to the Duke of Sussex. Here’s everything we know.

King Charles allegedly offered Prince Harry a royal residence

As reported by The Times, Prince Harry had originally requested to stay in a royal residence for his brief visit to the UK and King Charles allegedly accepted the request, as per friends of the monarch - who has not been named.

However, despite his initial request, the Duke of Sussex then decided to stay in a hotel for his three-day stay.

Moreover, there are conflicting reports on who asked who for a visit.

According to royal protocol, Prince Harry must give a 28-day warning to his father and the Home Office if he wants to visit as they need to prepare security properly, as reported by The Times.

Debate on whether Prince Harry or King Charles requested a visit

However, royal sources are claiming, as per Daily Mail, that Prince Harry never made a request to see his father - it is important to note that the sources are unnamed.

An unnamed friend of Prince Harry’s claims that even if the Duke of Sussex didn’t put in a request to see King Charles, why couldn’t he [King Charles] make one to see his son as it was widely publicised that he would be in the UK.

I can’t imagine that request [from Harry to Charles] fell through the gaps. Even if they didn’t get a request, which I don’t believe, could His Majesty not have made a request to see his son? It was widely known he was coming.

Daily Mail adds that the Palace declined to comment when the tabloid approached them.

A friend of His Majesty explained that King Charles may be ‘wary’ of seeing Prince Harry given the way things have played out over the years.

While it is true that the King is understandably wary about meeting with Harry, given the publicity circus that seems to surround all such visits, he did of course agree to see his son at the most vulnerable moment of his illness [in February], and at very short notice.

The unnamed friend also argues that King Charles not seeing Prince Harry says a lot. As per The Times, they said:

While he was hardly going to roll out the red carpet the moment this Invictus trip was announced, with doctors advising him to focus on his treatment and recovery, the idea that he refused to find space in his diary … well, let’s say recollections may vary once again.

In addition to this debate, there is also contradictory information on whether or not the King and other Royal Family members were invited to the Thanksgiving Servicefor the Invictus Games. On 9 May, People reported that Harry had extended invites to the family but they did not attend.

As many know, King Charles had attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace at the same time.

The same unnamed friends of the King that were mentioned by The Times have alleged that there were no invitations in the first place. Indeed, there are lots of conflicting claims complicating an already a tense relationship between Prince Harry and his father.

Prince Harry and King Charles have a strained relationship

It is widely known that for the last few years, King Charles and Prince Harry have not had an ideal relationship. Indeed, Prince Harry and Meghan decided to leave the Firm in 2020 and moved to Montecito, California, USA, with their son, Archie.

Shortly after their move, the two had a televised interview with Oprah Winfrey, where they aired out some details of their life as working Royals. The couple had also claimed that two members of the Royal Family had questioned Archie’s skin colour while Meghan was pregnant. The names were later leaked in Omid Scobie’s book.

Since that bombshell interview, Prince Harry has barely visited the UK. He visited his home country for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 with Meghan. A few months later, they both returned for her funeral.

Meghan Markle has not been in the UK since the late Queen’s funeral, indeed, she did not attend the Invictus Games’ Thanksgiving Service with Prince Harry, instead, she met him at a UK airport to head to Nigeria.

Take Royal information with a pinch of salt

With all the coverage around the strained relationships within the Royal Family, it is always important to look at where the information is coming from. Indeed, if the information is coming from The Palace or a spokesperson for any member of the Royal Family, you know that this information is reliable.

However, there are many royal authors and royal experts who like to like to share their thoughts and opinions on matters related to The Firm. When claims are made by authors or experts, readers aren’t guaranteed where this information is coming from and how true it is.

It is best to take these kinds of claims with a pinch of salt and a critical mind as they are not coming directly from The Palace or representatives of Royal Family members.

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