Kate Middleton's uncle Gary Goldsmith recalls the first time he met Prince William: 'Very normal'

On Monday 4 March 2024, Kate Middleton's uncle Gary Goldsmith appeared on CelebrityBig Brother. It was an opportunity for him to reveal a few anecdotes about the family.

Kate Middleton uncle Gary Goldsmith Big Brother TV
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Kate Middleton uncle Gary Goldsmith Big Brother TV

The nerves of the Royal family were once again put to the test on Monday 4 March 2024. After weeks, months, without the slightest public appearance, Kate Middleton was photographed in a car, accompanied by her mother Carole, on the Windsor estate.

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It surely does send a reassuring signal to the public that the Princess of Wales is doing better.

Last January, Prince William's wife underwent abdominal surgery. This scheduled operation meant that she would be out of action until April.

Recently Kensington Palace was obliged to break its silence in the face of the many rumours that have been circulating on social networks about her health condition. They said that 'she was doing well'.

Gary Goldsmith on Celebrity Big Brother

Amid all the speculation around her health, Kate Middleton's family is in the spotlight for another reason. Her uncle Gary Goldsmith is currently on Celebrity Big Brother, giving the show their share of royal content.

A decision that Kate's family does not seem to be on board with. A source reportedly close to Kate told the Daily Mail:

Gary said that Kate's mum and dad Michael have been giving him a hard time. They're not happy that he's taking part in Celebrity Big Brother. They find it maddening. Kate doesn't need all this stress.

And they're not the only ones - viewers have been outraged by the arrival of the businessman on the programme.

Gary talks about the first time he met Prince William

Although he promised not to say anything compromising about his famous niece, he couldn't help but talk about the Middletons and the Royal Family. During his promotional video for the show, Goldsmith even took the opportunity to give an quick account of the first time he met Prince William to the viewers. He said:

I'm Gary Goldsmith, uncle to the future Queen of our country, Catherine Middleton, the current Princess of Wales. She is simply perfect. The first time I met William, Catherine was cooking and William said: 'Hi, do you want a cup of tea?' Very normal.

But unfortunately for him, viewers did not take too well to his video. They commented on the video saying:

Is this a joke? Is he a celebrity?
To be the uncle of is not to be famous.
He gets on my nerves.
Making money off his niece? Embarrassing.
He's going to do wonders for the reputation of the royal family...

Still, some wondered if Gary Goldsmith would say where the Princess of Wales was and others pointed to another scandal:

Wasn't he convicted of domestic abuse?
He hit his wife but he's famous because he's related to someone in the royal family.

In 2017, Carole Middleton's younger brother was accused of domestic violence by his wife Julie-Ann Goldsmith. He admitted this in court and was sentenced to 12 months' community service and a fine of £6,000.

This article has been translated from Voici.

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Kate Middleton: Insider claims her family is 'furious' Gary Goldsmith is going on Celebrity Big Brother Kate Middleton: Insider claims her family is 'furious' Gary Goldsmith is going on Celebrity Big Brother