Prince William and Kate Middleton: Omid Scobie strikes back at rumours he attacked the couple

Omid Scobie’s new book Endgame is coming out tomorrow and as the date approaches more and more rumours about what’s in the book are coming out…

Omid Scobie Endgame Prince William Kate Middleton
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Omid Scobie Endgame Prince William Kate Middleton

Omid Scobie is a British journalist but he is more widely known for being a royal biographer. In 2020 he co-authored Finding Freedom, a book which is marketed as ‘an honest, up-close, and disarming portrait of a confident, influential, and forward-thinking couple’, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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Scobie is rumoured to be close to and ‘friends’ with the Sussexes but these have never been proven. They have also been denied by Scobie himself who told French publication Paris Match that he’s ‘not their friend and never (has) been’.

Over the weekend 25 November, snippets of Scobie’s new book made waves as tabloids latched onto possible attacks the author made against Prince William and his wife.

Prince William and Kate attacked: what the tabloids are saying

In an article published by The Telegraph on Sunday 26 November, it is explained that Scobie’s portrayal of the Princess of Wales is less than favourable. The Telegraph quoting Scobie:

(the Princess) is “a woman terrified to do anything more than grinning photo ops”

Mail Online reports that Omid Scobie,

paints the Princess of Wales as an under-achiever, who is too scared of putting a foot wrong to stick her head above the parapet.

We also understand that the publication has spoken to ‘friends’ of Prince William who say that Scobie’s claims are bound to anger the Prince.

One friend says:

That will really wind William up, (...)
He's immensely proud of what his wife has achieved. The princess has been the driving force behind a great deal of their work, particularly when it comes to bettering mental health.

Omid Scobie strikes back

As tabloids are writing inflammatory articles about what is supposedly in his book, Omid Scobie is not enjoying the bad press. In the evening of 26 November, the writer took to X to answer some of the tabloids.

Answering The Telegraph he said:

They won’t quote the parts that are critical of their own coverage so it’s easier to just make up things that aren’t even in the book:

He attached to that tweet the following extract from his own book. In it we find that, indeed, what Scobie wrote is not a direct criticism of the Princess of Wales but instead a criticism of how the tabloids report on her work.

Omid Scobie Prince William Kate Middleton Omid Scobie Endgame

Scobie continued his X post by warning people reading the tabloids’ coverage.

Whether you like my work or loathe it, all I ask is that if you are reading coverage about what’s supposedly inside #ENDGAME, please also read the book itself. Incorrect and bad translations, snippets without context, leaks etc. do not tell the full or accurate story. Thank you

Will you be reading Endgame and what do you think of the coverage the book has been receiving?

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