Omid Scobie to release new book about Royal Family: Where does the expert get his information?

Omid Scobie is on his second book on the Royal Family but one thing that is still a big question, is where does this royal reporter get his information?

Omid Scobie: Where does the royal reporter get his information?
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Omid Scobie: Where does the royal reporter get his information?

Omid Scobie is a British journalist, he rose to fame when he published the biography Finding Freedom on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2020. Since then, he has been very active on Twitter, often commenting on the Royal Family.

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He is also a royal editor for Yahoo News and shares his thoughts on current events in the Royal Family. He has just announced he is releasing a new book, Endgame in November 2023, which will focus on the main members of the Royal Family.

As reported by Telegraph, the book will focus on the monarchy’s successes and failures. One question a lot of us ask ourselves when it comes to royal reporters and experts, is where do they get their information from?

Some people on Twitter have been asking this very question, and sharing their thoughts on his new book.

Omid Scobie had insider information

It was revealed that for Finding Freedom, Omid Scobie had insider information on Prince Harry and Meghan. Scobie wrote the biography with Carolyn Durand and they revealed a lot of the Sussexes’ personal information.

According to Telegraph, Meghan Markle had admitted in court during the privacy claim against Associated Newspapers, that she had allowed one of their aides to brief Scobie and Durand for their book.

Meghan apologized for misleading the courts after claiming she ‘had not remembered’ she had corresponded on the matter.

The emails revealed that she and Prince Harry had provided briefing notes for Jason Knauf, her communications secretary. Scobie, Knauf and Durand reportedly had a two-hour meeting.

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Omic Scobie is releasing a new book

As mentioned above, Omid Scobie is releasing a new book on the Royal Family, in which he will allegedly reveal things that the Firm ‘should be ashamed of’.

Scobie said:

Endgame not only looks at the successes of our Royal family but also the failures; the things to be proud of and those they should be ashamed of.

Omid claims to be one of the very few journalists who write about the Royal Family in an impartial and ‘spin-free’ manner. For his new book, it is not revealed where he has gotten the information.

However, Twitter users don’t all agree with the journalist. Indeed, some claim he is biased and favours Prince Harry and Meghan:

"Omid scobie says.."🥱*slams door shut*
Omid main source of Royal gossip is Meghan Markle. Meg's main source of gossip is Harry. Harry main sources are the voices in his head & his paranoia🤭 So..Yeah anyway..where were we? Oh yes, Prince William is STILL the one to beat😎☕️

Another also tweeted:

Omid Scobie knows nothing about the RF , nobody has or will ever speak to him, everything he writes is make believe. He would be better writing a truthful book about how he organised and encourages the Sussex squad (poisonous sewer rats) and how much he gets paid.

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