Kate Middleton pictured smiling during farm shop outing with Prince William

Fans can finally stop asking where Kate Middleton is on social media. Last weekend, she was spotted looking very happy and, above all, healthy, during a visit to a local farm shop in Windsor with Prince William.

Kate Middleton pictured smiling well husband prince William
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Kate Middleton pictured smiling well husband prince William

There's nothing like a nice family photo to calm the nerves. It's true that this method has always worked with Prince William and Kate Middleton. But this time, the magic didn't work. In the photo of the Princess of Wales published on Mother's Day in the UK, internet users saw nothing but flaws. Initially, it was the Duchess of Cambridge's missing engagement ring that sparked off all the rumours.

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Never seen without Lady Diana's sapphire, some began to wonder whether the future royal couple were in danger. Then their eyes were drawn to the sleeve of Princess Charlotte's waistcoat. A blurred area, a suspicious hole... which revealed many other crude alterations to the portrait taken by the heir to the throne.

The portrait fiasco

According to several press agencies, this 'overly edited' photo was not the proof that admirers of the British Royal Family had been waiting for. Worried since the announcement of Kate Middleton's operation, they wanted to be sure that she was fine - as Kensington Palace keeps repeating, without giving any other details or the slightest image. Several days after the Mother's Day fiasco, they can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Last weekend, the Princess of Wales was seen, smiling, with Prince William on a shopping trip to a local farm shop in Windsor.

Kate Middleton finally back on form

A witness told the Sun:

After all the rumours going around, I was very surprised to see them here. Kate was shopping with William and she looked happy and well.

On Monday 18 March 2024, The Sun newspaper obtained a video of Kate Middleton's first outing.

Dressed in sportswear, she carried several bags and smiled at passers-by, while William hid his face under a cap. On Saturday, the couple went for a stroll together in Windsor, and on Sunday morning they went to encourage their children during their sports session. A return to normality that may finally offer Kate Middleton the peace and quiet she had dreamed of during her convalescence.

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