Kate Middleton and Prince William: Their relationship from meeting in 2001 to getting married in 2011

Let’s take a look at Kate Middleton and Prince William’s relationship from the day that they met to the present. Here’s how the timeline looks!

Prince William Kate Middleton relationship timeline
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Prince William Kate Middleton relationship timeline

Prince William and Kate Middleton are one of the world’s most famous couples. The two have stood the test of time together and share an adorable love story. From love at first sight, to a solid friendship and a fairy tale wedding, the Waleses couple has it all. The two make such a brilliant team that their cousin Peter Philips remarked on it. Here’s everything we know of their relationship.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William’s relationship timeline

Before becoming the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and now, the Prince and Princess of Wales, the Couple had built a strong foundation as friends while they were students at St. Andrews University.

2001: Kate and William meet at college

Their beautiful journey began in 2001 when they met at St. Andrews University. According to The Crown historian Robert Lacey, Kate manifested a relationship with William when she was only 19. The Princess delayed her education by a year to get into St. Andrews.

2002: Kate and William move in together with friends

In 2002, Prince William was seen shifting from his dorm to a flat with his friends and ‘a pretty 20-year-old brunette’ - Kate Middleton. The two started out as friends and formed a solid foundation before they began dating. In May 2002, their relationship took a romantic turn. It has previously been reported that Kate used a ‘quirky’ trick to keep other women off Prince William.

2003 - 2004: Their relationship became official

The couple moved out of their four-bedroom apartment and into a place of their own circa 2003, reports People Magazine. And in 2004, they were photographed together for the first time during a ski trip in Klosters.

2005-2007: More public appearances and a breakup

In 2005, the two graduated from St. Andrews. In 2006, Kate was on hand to cheer her boyfriend on as he graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. However, things took a turn for the worse, when they split in April 2007. According to Elle, the couple took time off their relationship as Kate went on a vacation with her friends to Ireland and William fielded questions awkwardly about his relationship. Allegedly, Kate had one serious relationship before Prince William.

However, the split didn’t last for long. In June 2007, the royal sweethearts rekindled their romance. Kate was seen attending a Princess Diana tribute concert—though she sat two rows behind William with her sister Pippa.

2010: William proposes to Kate

Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton while on a trip to Kenya with Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring. In the engagement interview, the Prince stated that he felt it was the right time to propose to her and it wasn’t a surprise for Kate as they had been talking about marriage for a while.

2011: William and Kate tie the knot

Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in a fairytale ceremony at Westminster Abbey witnessed by nearly 72 million people worldwide. April 29, 2011, was labelled as the ‘greatest and grandest affair’ since Princess Diana’s wedding, reports People Magazine. In May 2011, the couple went on a honeymoon to Seychelles.

2012: Kate’s first pregnancy is announced

In December 2012, Kate’s first pregnancy was announced to the world and she gave birth to Prince George on July 22, 2013.

2014: Kate’s second pregnancy

In September 2014, Palace announced Kate’s second pregnancy before the 12-week stage as they felt they couldn’t hold the news any longer. Kate gave birth to Princess Charlotte on May 2, 2015.

2017: Kate’s third pregnancy

Kensington Palace announced that Kate was pregnant with the couple’s third child - Prince Louis. She gave birth to him on April 23, 2018.

2021: Tenth anniversary

The parents of three children celebrated their 10th anniversary. They will be completing 13 years of their marriage in April 2024.

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Kate Middleton spotted in car with Prince William on his way to Commonwealth Day celebrations Kate Middleton spotted in car with Prince William on his way to Commonwealth Day celebrations