Royal Family: Experts reveal who the most compatible couple is

In recent weeks, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been in the spotlight for their rumoured intense fights. However, experts agree that this doesn’t impact their compatibility.

The most compatible couple in the Royal Family
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The most compatible couple in the Royal Family

Prince William and Kate Middleton are regarded as the golden couple of the Royal Family and so, with good reason. Indeed, since Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, the two have acted as the Prince and Princess of Wales, a huge step up as this is the position of the direct heir to the throne.

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Within the past year, the couple has increased their royal engagements as well as attempted to shift their image to dynamic and relatable working royals. As they have been busy with those private and professional matters the two have also had to endure continuous media attention.

Though they are luckier than the Sussexes in the tone of the media coverage they get, the year has been difficult and it culminated with Omid Scobie’s book Endgame and its Dutch translation. At the time it appeared like the Princess of Wales had been named as one of the royals to question Prince Archie’s skin tone. Now, weeks after that, the couple is back in the spotlight and once again because of a royal author.

A royal author comments on Prince William’s temper

The Prince’s alleged short temper is not something new. Indeed, just last year, his own brother mentioned it in his memoir Spare. In the book, Prince Harry tells the story of how Prince William ‘grabbed me by the collar, ripping my necklace, and he knocked me to the floor.’

Almost exactly a year later, royal author Robert Jobson writes that Prince Williams has a ‘notably short fuse’ which leads him to get in ‘heated’ fights with his wife. The New York Post explains that these revelations come from Jobson’s 2022 bookPrince William: The Making of a Modern Monarch.

In the book, the writer says:

William could have “quite extreme mood swings, just as [his late mother Princess] Diana did

He continued to allege that those fights aren’t just one sided with Prince William being ‘a bit of a shouter’. The author reports that both the Prince and Princess give ‘as good as they get if their disagreement results in raised voices.’

Compatibility still remains

However, as is usual when it comes to the Prince and Princess of Wales, the royal author immediately explains that these supposed ‘heated’ arguments don’t jeopardise the couple’s ‘solid’ relationship.

But they know each other so well, it usually blows over quickly – and she is, on the whole, a major calming influence on him

Amid those extracts from the book making the rounds at the beginning of 2024, experts have shown that the two are still a match made in heaven. In February 2023, an astrologer spoke to Marie Claire and confirmed that the couple’s chemistry is written in the stars.

Astrologer Inbaal Honigman explained:

William is a Cancer and Catherine is a Capricorn, and those signs are the perfect case of opposites attract


Cancer is loving and family-minded, and Capricorn is practical and focused. So when no one can find the keys to the patio door, Capricorn will do it, and when the kids want an extra bedtime story and cuddle, that’s the Cancerian’s job. There’s a lovely compatibility there.

The couple’s compatibility doesn’t end there. The astrologer highlighted that there are a second and third layer to how aligned their charts are.

Both William and Catherine have their moon in Cancer. The moon rules emotions and dreams in a person’s chart, and Cancer is a very romantic sign. For both of them to share this placement means that they have the same love language, and share their joy in nurturing one another, raising their family and supporting charitable endeavours.
William’s rising sign is adventurous Sagittarius, and Catherine’s rising sign is powerful Leo, so they’d both have a spontaneous side to their personality, and will feel excited to make last-minute decisions and have lots of fun together.

Not the only compatible couple in the Royal Family

In January 2024, betting site Betfair Roulette required the services of a body language expert, Darren Stanton, to identify the most compatible couple in the Royal Family. His findings came as a surprise as Prince William and Kate Middleton did not come out on top.

The expert has concluded that King Charles III and the Queen Consort are the most compatible couple of The Firm. Stanton explained:

I would say Charles and Camilla are the most compatible Royal couple. They have had this deep love since they were both very young. We're talking about a 50-year-plus romance.
They've been in love a long time and it's been an intense relationship where they've had to overcome a lot.
Even looking at pictures of them when they were younger, whenever Camilla was photographed, it's so clear they had this deep intensity for one another and it has continued to grow. They have the same passion for each other still to this day.

The expert also says that pictures of the couple show that the King is very much relying on his Consort when they are on official outings. Stanton continued:

When they are together, we see this genuine laughter shared between them with engaged eye contact, and this shows how they are on the same page emotionally.
When he was a young Prince, we rarely saw him display a relaxed nature. Camilla brings that side out of him where he can be himself, let go and just enjoy his time as King.

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