Prince Harry and Meghan: New video of the couple silently shuts down divorce rumours

The Sussexes were spotted at Beyoncé’s Los Angeles show over the weekend. New videos and pics of the couple are out leaving royal watchers torn…

New video of Prince Harry and Meghan: Will it put an end to the divorce rumours?
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New video of Prince Harry and Meghan: Will it put an end to the divorce rumours?

On Friday 1 September, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and her mother went out together to celebrate Doria Ragland’s birthday. As a celebration, the party went to Beyoncé’s Los Angeles show. All dressed according to the theme Queen Bey has required, silver clothes, all were spotted having fun.

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One video in particular has made its rounds online in which the royal couple dances together to Love On Top. However, other pictures show Prince Harry less than entertained. So now, a couple days after the first pictures and videos came out, royal watchers and experts no longer know what to think.

Are Prince Harry and Meghan heading for divorce or are they not?

Prince Harry stands alone

Some pictures of Prince Harry during Beyoncé’s concert show the royal as what could be read as standoffish. Indeed, Prince Harry stands alone, quite still and stiff while the people he’s with are dancing and clearly having a great time.

These images of Prince Harry are all the people fueling divorce rumours needed. Somes UK publications even write that Harry looks ‘less than impressed,’ ‘bored’ and even ‘miserable’ On X, people are also sharing their thoughts.

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Prince Harry and Meghan’s love on top

However, different footage and images from that night show the couple loved up during one of Beyoncé’s most famous love songs, Love on Top.

In the video, which you can find below, the two are dancing together and sharing a hug.

For some, this moment, done during this specific song marks the Sussexes’ way to silently shut down divorce rumours. Indeed, since July 2023, articles about a possible split have been constant. They are fueled by people online and publications who read into things that sometimes don’t even exist.

For instance, when Meghan Markle didn’t go to Asia with Prince Harry, publications reported that instead the Duchess went to a Taylor Swift concert. The thing is, there are no pictures of that night.

About that TikTok royal watcher, @matta_of_fact explains:

I still kinda think that this was made up. We have no pictures of Meghan at the Eras Tour. First of all, Swifties are so good at spotting celebrities who attend the Eras Tour. And, in L.A in general, people are always scanning these venues to find celebrities.

Moreover, the same tiktoker brings up an interesting point. Indeed, she brings up the fact that, if people want to read into Prince Harry’s standoffish behaviour, they should be careful of body language experts. Some will always comment on the Sussexes while the Cambridges will be left alone even though their interactions could be just as, if not more, interesting.

The TikToker also says:

have you ever met a man that had to go to a Beyoncé concert? They will be supportive in bursts but they do turn their brains off on occasion. Harry might still be a very supportive husband, he's still a dude.

Of course, we do not know what happens behind closed doors but we can say that Prince Harry and Meghan seem to be enjoying life. Between the Beyoncé concert and Prince Harry watching Messi play football, their American dream seems to be going smoothly.


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Prince Harry and Meghan dealing with unending rumours of divorce, here's the truth Prince Harry and Meghan dealing with unending rumours of divorce, here's the truth