Meghan Markle: New pictures of Duchess with anti-stress patch could be staged, royal watcher claims

On 11 August, Page Six published new pictures of Meghan Markle. While the pictures look like any other paparazzi shots, a royal watcher believes otherwise…

Meghan Markle staged photos with anti-stress patch claims royal watcher, here are 3 ways you can tell
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Meghan Markle staged photos with anti-stress patch claims royal watcher, here are 3 ways you can tell

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are currently on different continents.Prince Harry is in Singapore working with the foundation he created in 2006 with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho. On her side of the world, Meghan Markle stayed in Montecito where she was seen running errands.

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New pictures of the Duchess came out on 11 August where she is seen walking on the street like any other person would. However, very quickly, the pictures went all around the world and one tiny detail on her wrist has a lot of people talking.

If you look at the picture Page Six published you might be tempted to believe that these are simply another set of paparazzi pictures but one royal watcher believed that these were staged.

Here are their reasons why ...

Did Meghan Markle stage those pictures?

According to TikTok user @hrhgossip, these pictures are obviously staged. This TikTok page specialises in royal content. This creator focuses on analysing news and gossip relating to the Royal Family. The profile has already collected over 4 million likes and had over 100K subscribers.

In one of their newest videos, this royal watcher claims that they have spotted clues that lead them to believe that the pictures are staged. Let’s see what they have to say.

‘Head to toe’ designer

According to @hrhgossip one big clue that indicates that the pictures are staged is the fact that Meghan Markle looks impeccable. Indeed, the royal watcher highlights the fact that Meghan is wearing ‘head to toe’ designer. The Duchess is wearing three big brand names: Max Mara, Hermes and Chanel.

However, these brands are not unusual for Meghan Markle to wear as, for instance, we’ve already seen a Hermes blanket in her Netflix documentary.

The background

The royal watcher continues and this argument is actually quite a solid one. They state that ‘there is space’ around Meghan Markle. Indeed, the Duchess is completely alone in the shots. She is walking alone, on an empty street.

@hrhgossip says:

There’s about a foot or two of space around her, so that you can see her full outfit. And that usually happens with staged paparazzi shots.

To back up the argument the TikToker gives other examples of celebrities who have been known to stage paparazzi shots like Rihanna or Kim Kardashian.

The one rolled up sleeve

The final clue this royal watcher has spotted appears in one specific picture. In said photo, the Duchess has her left arm up, tucking her hair behind her ear. But what sticks out to the TikToker is the fact that, in that photo, you can see that only one of her coat’s sleeve is rolled up. What could seem like a random fact ends up revealing something on the Duchess’ wrist.

And that something could lead to why Meghan Markle might have staged those pictures.

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Why would Meghan Markle stage paparazzi shots?

This is the biggest question that comes up when you listen to @hrhgossip. Indeed, while the last two arguments are really interesting and could hold up, the whole thing is still hard to believe when you know the battle the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are fighting against the tabloids.

That being said, the royal watcher has some ideas as to why Meghan Markle could have chosen to stage those pictures.

The first one is about the patch on her wrist. This patch who has had the press writing for the last couple of days is a stress relief patch. The picture that shows it places the product at the centre of attention which leads @hrhgossip to believe that this could be Markle’s way to quietly influence the public into buying this product. If this is true, the stunt could have worked since everyone is talking about this patch.


The recent paparazzi shots of Meghan Markle are staged. Why? She’s teasing us about her come back as an influencer. What do you think? #meghanmarkle#duchessofsussex#breakingnews#greenscreen

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Furthermore, the royal watcher believes that there is another very clear reason as to why this possible pap walk could have been arranged. They say:

A lot of celebrities do this right before they’re about to come out with a big project, to sort of promote that project.

@hrhgossip then states that Meghan reportedly has several projects to promote. Indeed, they believe that Meghan is ready to relaunch her blog The Tig as well as a possible come back to Instagram.

None of what @hrhgossip claims has been confirmed by the Sussexes. Moreover, TikToker @matta_of_fact, another royal watcher, even says that these arguments can be easily debunked.

So what do you think?


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