Meghan Markle: American royal commentator claims Princess Diana spoke to the Duchess in 2022

Meghan Markle is once again the subject of a wild claim. This time, American royal commentator Kinsey Schofield is at the source and it has something to do with Princess Diana.

Meghan Markle Princess Diana Prince Harry Kinsey Schofield Dan Wootton
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Meghan Markle Princess Diana Prince Harry Kinsey Schofield Dan Wootton

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are always at the centre of gossip articles. Many of these are often based on the words of royal experts and commentators. When the Sussexes don’t make headlines, they are the topic of conversations on shows on channels such as TalkTV and GB News. Mainstream channels also comment on the royal but with less insistence.

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American royal commentator Kinsey Schofield is now a fixture on TalkTV where she often discusses what happens with the Sussexes. Overall, Schofield is very critical of Prince Harry and Meghan.

In May 2024, she joined Dan Wootton on his independent platform Outspoken. She took part in the Outspoken Uncancelled Interview format which in the past has seen guests such as Angela Levin – who falsely claimed Meghan Markle had copyrighted Lilibet’s name – and Kevin Spacey.

During her interview, Schofield made what can only be described as a wild claim.

Kinsey Schofield’s wild claim about Meghan Markle

The interview was released on Wootton’s website on 5 May 2024. The conversation which lasted for over an hour covered topics from Prince Harry’s London visit, a possible meeting with King Charles and, even addressed the deal the Sussexes have with Netflix.

In the last quarter of the conversation, Wootton and Schofield started talking about Princess Diana and how Prince Harry has often said that he sees some of his mother in Meghan Markle. Though the conversation didn’t start off with anything in the realm of the occult, Schofield still made a strange revelation. She stated:

I was definitely instructed not to repeat this, but I’m going to repeat this here.

Continuing, she said:

At the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, when Harry and Meghan were in that room, we kind of saw them peeking out.
Allegedly, Beatrice overheard Meghan say to Prince Harry: ‘Your mom talked to me during yoga and she’s really glad that we’re here.'

After hearing Schofield say this, Wootton answered that these alleged words are ‘so emotionally manipulative’ to which the commentator replies:

That’s what we’re working with. That’s what I’m trying to tell you.

It is to be noted that Schofield did not disclose where and how she got this information. However, we understand these words as Schofield's attempt to prove Markle has a hold over Prince Harry and that Princess Diana is one of the tools she uses against her husband. If our understanding is correct, she wouldn’t be the first one. Already, other experts, including Angela Levin, have alleged that Prince Harry is under his wife’s control.

Who is Kinsey Schofield?

Kinsey Schofield is a former reality-TV star. In 2008 she appeared on Party Monsters Cabo aired on E!. According to Rotten Tomatoes the show had ‘nine ambitious party planners travel to a posh villa in Cabo San Lucas to see who can throw the best party for some of the hottest A-list stars in Hollywood.’

While she was on the show, Kinsey Schofield was tasked with organising a party for rapper Diddy.

After this stint, she transitioned into commentary and started working for Radar Online, Young Hollywood and E!. She also launched her own Royal Family podcast,To Di For Daily, in 2022. She also wrote a book titled R is for Revenge Dress: A Princess Diana–Inspired Alphabet Book for Grown-Ups, released in 2022 as well.

Finally, part of her TV work is the TalkTV segment Heirs & Spares which she co-hosts with other royal commentator, Katie Nicholl. On Schofield’s website, the segment is described as:

A weekly royal recap that focuses on the lives of the Heir and the Spare to the British royal throne, Prince William and Prince Harry.

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