Princess Lilibet could inherit £980,000 worth of jewellery from Meghan and Princess Diana

Princess Lilibet is expected to be the owner of some of history’s most impressive jewellery pieces. From Meghan Markle’s collection to Princess Diana’s, here’s what she could inherit.

Princess Lilibet Meghan Markle Princess Diana inheritance £980,000
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Princess Lilibet Meghan Markle Princess Diana inheritance £980,000

Every parent has something or the other that they hold till their last days and then pass down to their kids. For most families, these items are attached to a lot of emotions and values - and that’s the same for the British Royal Family.

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Apart from the magnificent crowns and tiaras, the Royal Family members are owners of many impressive and historic pieces of jewellery. These pieces of jewellery - which they often showcase at major events - are set to be passed down to the younger generation of Royals. Amongst them are two Princesses who are at the top of the list for inheriting massive amounts of jewellery - Princess Charlotte and Princess Lilibet.

What Princess Lillibet could inherit from Meghan Markle and Princess Diana

What makes Princess Charlotte and Lilibet's inheritance even more special is the fact that not only would they inherit jewellery that belongs to their mothers but also some pieces that belonged to their grandmother - Princess Diana.

As such, 2-year-old Lilibet is set to receive a staggering £980,000 worth of jewellery in the years to come, reports The Sun. These include pieces from Meghan Markle’s personal closet and a £650,000 collection of items from Princess Diana. Here’s what Lilibet is expected to inherit:

From Princess Diana

Gold cuff bangle - worth £25,000

Lilibet could also inherit her grandmother's £25k gold cuff bangle. Meghan previously wore it during the NAACP Image Awards in California in 2022.

Diana's Cartier Tank Française Watch

Prince Diana’s statement jewellery piece - Cartier Tank Française Watch - is also on the list of things that Lilibet will inherit. The watch was bought for £17,800 at the time, however, at this point it is easily worth £500,000 or more.

From Meghan Markle

Cartier bracelet and earrings

Meghan wore a stunning Cartier bracelet on her wedding day to Prince Harry. According to, the bracelet is made up of 104 brilliant-cut diamonds and 52 baguette-cut diamonds. It is understood to be worth £150,000. Meghan also supported her wedding look with Cartier studs made from 8k white gold, set with brilliant-cut diamonds worth £11,000.

The Asprey Aquamarine ring

The infamous ring previously belonged to Prince Harry’s mother and has only been worn by her on two occasions. Prince Harry gifted the sentimental piece to Meghan and she wore it at their wedding reception. The ring is said to be worth a jaw-dropping £75,000 to £85,000.

Meghan’s wedding bands

Thanks to her lucky star, Princess Lilibet is set to inherit her mother’s beautiful wedding bands. The engagement ring alone was designed specifically by Prince Harry using three diamonds selected from Princess Diana’s collection. Crafted by British jewellers Cleave and Company, the ring is worth £120,000. The official royal jewellers also made her wedding ring - a plain band made of Welsh yellow gold.

Meghan’s engraved Cartier watch

Another beautiful piece in the list of Lilibet’s inheritance is Meghan’s £4,800 Cartier watch. Reportedly, Meghan bought the watch as a gift for her daughter even before she was born.

Yellow Gold Cartier Juste un Clou necklace

Meghan wore a yellow-gold rendition of the brand’s nail-shaped Juste un Clou necklace accented with diamonds during one of her work engagements. The piece is one of the brand’s edgier pieces and costs around £24,500.

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