Meghan Markle: Here’s why the Duchess wears three wedding rings

Have you ever spotted the Duchess of Sussex wearing three wedding bands? There's a reason behind and all three rings have a meaning. Here’s why she does that!

Meghan Markle three wedding rings, push presents Prince Harry
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Meghan Markle three wedding rings, push presents Prince Harry

Getting that engagement ring on your hand is a dream for money. Girls spend years dreaming of the day they get married or engaged. Guess the excitement if you know you’re about to get married in the Royal Family.

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Meghan Markle - who may not be a working Royal anymore but she’s still a Princess - found her soulmate in Prince Harry and despite whatever obstacles, the two lead a happy married life today. They recently also re-launched themselves with a new website that triggered a massive wave of criticism.

Here’s why Meghan Markle wears 3 wedding rings

A happy married life with a lot of Royals jewels. Meghan Markle has inherited many jewels from the Royal Family including two stones from Princess Diana’s collection on her engagement ring, reports The Sun. The 42-year-old is said to have inherited numerous items from Princess Diana’s collection, but that hasn’t stopped her husband being generous with her too. She has changed her engagement ring previously and is now seen spotting three rings on her ring finger.

One is her engagement ring, the second one is her plain gold wedding band and the third is another gold ring which fans think is a special gift from Prince Harry to Meghan to celebrate Prince Archie’s Birth. According to Hello! Magazine, during her first pregnancy with Prince Archie, the mother-of-two removed her engagement ring so Prince Harry could upgrade the band from gold to pave.

It is understood that the Duke, who rushed to King Charles after his cancer diagnosis was revealed, also ordered a bespoke eternity ring for his wife as a gift for their first wedding anniversary in 2019. Not just Meghan Markle, but even Princess Kate supports three rings - an engagement ring that previously belonged to Princess Diana, her wedding band and an eternity ring, a push present from Prince William.

Meghan Markle’s push present

Talking about push presents, Meghan Markle was given a £15,000 push present piece that Prince Harry gave him after Prince Archie’s birth. Reportedly, to celebrate Prince Archie’s birth, the Duke gave Meghan a sapphire pinky ring.

A source said:

Meghan Markle has several [pinky rings] in her collection, including a blue sapphire heart by Jessica McCormack, believed to be a ‘push present’ after Archie was born.

The heart-shaped item is from Jessica McCormack’s Signature collection and is said to be ‘set with a 0.94-carat heart cut sapphire handcrafted in blackened 18k white gold and 18k yellow gold.’ Of course, that’s not the only push present that Prince Harry gave to her. Apart from this pinky ring and a 3rd wedding band, her pair of £10,000 diamond earrings - that she recently wore at the Lion King premiere had also been given to her after Prince Archie’s birth.

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