Meghan Markle: Her latest photos have people wondering about her relationship with Prince Harry

From losing their UK home, to settling into California, Meghan Markle's alleged upcoming divorce rumours is still showing its face.

Meghan Markle Prince Harry relationship
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Meghan Markle Prince Harry relationship

Meghan Markle andPrince Harry seem to have settled down well in California. Despite losing their residence in the UK, the couple seem to have found their footing in the USA and enjoy their own friends' circles as well. Both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are often seen socializing and enjoying some time with their respective friends.

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But a recent outing that Meghan Markle enjoyed with her gal pals seems to have stirred a conversation or two online. In fact, there have even been talks about the relationship between Meghan and Harry getting sore. Here’s all the scoop on Meghan’s most recent outing with her friends, and her fans are speculating some trouble in paradise.

Meghan Markle's late birthday celebrations

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, turned 42 on the 4th of August. And although the celebration was a little late, the Suits star was seen enjoying a lovely day out with her besties, Cleo Wade and Kadi Lee. And Kadi, who is among the ‘glam squad’ behind Meghan’s impeccable public looks, shared an image of them getting together and enjoying a girls' day out.

Meghan, who seemed to be in casual wear, was donning a black tank top, a gold pendant, and a simple hairdo. Despite donning the typical ‘girl next door’ look, fans couldn’t help but notice one glaring aspect that led to them suspecting that her marriage was in trouble. And here’s what it is.

The case of the missing diamond

Fans and followers of Meghan Markle were quick to notice that herengagement ring was missing from her left ring finger. As per Hello Magazine, the $200,000 diamond engagement ring that usually sits above her gold wedding band and diamond eternity ring is missing in action. The comments section was on fire, with all kinds of questions and speculations as to where the engagement ring went. And what the reason was, for Meghan removing it.

The comments that followed

The internet had mixed reactions to the ‘case of the missing engagement ring’. While some users were quick to point out that thealleged divorce rumoursbetween the royal couple were finally coming to light, others squashed it instantly. To be fair, this isn’t the first time Meghan was spotted without the engagement ring. Be it due to the swelling while she was pregnant, to resizing/upgrading her ring, she has, on many occasions, removed her engagement ring.

As per Hello Magazine, a lot of users defended Meghan and Harry, by saying the following comments:

Not everyone wears their engagement rings in everyday life. I know I don't.
She looks so well. Perhaps her ring was sent for resizing. I don't even wear my wedding band on a regular basis! It's none of our business.

The divorce allegations

The internet has been flooding with stories of how the royal couple are drifting away, and that there is an upcoming divorce in the pipeline for them. Although Meghan and Harry haven’t personally addressed these speculations, sources close to the couple have completely denied all of these rumors. These allegations stem from the fact that the couple has maintained a low profile and chooses to stay out of the limelight when they are together.

As per US Weekly, a source close to the couple said the following, while addressing these allegations.

Harry and Meghan are regrouping. They want to figure out how they can best expand the entertainment side of things. Harry and Meghan believe that feeding into that false narrative only gives it more attention. Sure, their relationship has challenges, but they are 100 percent committed to making their marriage work.

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