Prince Harry’s alleged former ‘fling’ believes Meghan Markle has 'slandered' herself

Former Real Housewives star Catherine Ommanney, who claims to have had a ‘fling’ with Prince Harry when he was 21, feels ‘sad for him and the Royal Family’ following the release of the Duke’s explosive memoir.

Prince Harry’s alleged former ‘fling’ believes Meghan Markle has 'slandered' herself
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Prince Harry’s alleged former ‘fling’ believes Meghan Markle has 'slandered' herself

The former reality TV star doesn’t think the Duke of Sussex will ‘recover’ from the fallout of his memoir ‘very quickly’, which saddens her.

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Prince Harry and Catherine Ommanney’s alleged romance

Catherine Ommanney was 34-years-old when she reportedly casually dated Prince Harry in 2006 after meeting him at a dinner party. According to her account, after Harry introduced himself wearing an Australian-style hat, she flat-out asked him:

What are you doing looking like a t*** in that?

The pair apparently hit it off and quickly started talking, and ‘it was like there was no one else in the room’.

Speaking to The Sun, Catherine said Prince Harry was already an experienced lover when the pair were together and that he gave her the ‘most incredible, passionate kiss I ever had in my life’. She also says she had the ‘time of her life’ during their short but sweet, 2-month fling. According to Catherine, the pair enjoyed a carefree relationship, ‘mucking about like teenagers’.

However, as a mother-of-two casually dating a man 13 years younger, Catherine said that a ‘long-term relationship was the furthest thing from my mind’.

Their whirlwind romance apparently fizzled out as quickly as it began when the media got wind of their relationship. After a couple more dates, Prince Harry allegedly changed his number, and it was another five years before Catherine saw the Duke again.

Despite the drastic ending to their supposed relationship, Catherine hopes Prince Harry 'is happy and found some freedom' that he was searching for in his youth becausehe is a 'very brave, charismatic, incredibly funny, intelligent and lovely human being', Express reports.

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'Don't know what he's found in Meghan'

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Catherine admitted feeling ‘really sad’ for Prince Harry and for the Royal Family because she can’t see the Duke of Sussex recovering quickly from the fallout of his explosive memoir.

The TV host asks Catherine if she believed Prince Harry was attracted to older women, ‘someone to ground him, who wasn’t carried away by his fame’. To which she replied:

I listened to him a lot. So maybe the others didn’t, but I did listen to him a lot. And I think that’s what he needed.

Catherine was then asked her opinion of Meghan and whether she believes Prince Harry has found someone to ‘ground him’.

Catherine replied:

I'm not going to slander Meghan because I think she's done a good enough job of it herself. I don't know what he's found in Meghan... I'm really sad for him, I'm sad for the whole Royal Family because I don't think he's going to recover from this very quickly.

Appearing on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Catherine claims she doesn’t recognise the man Prince Harry has become. She believes Meghan has ‘got a spell over him’ because before, he was ‘down-to-earth and normal’ and ‘never in a million years back in those days have been the sort of person to do this show, ever’.

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