Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend allegedly ‘couldn't stand how needy he was’

The former chief secretary to the Treasury believes that contrary to Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle has done nothing to help Prince Harry overcome the trauma of losing his mother.

Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend allegedly ‘couldn't stand how needy he was’
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Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend allegedly ‘couldn't stand how needy he was’

David Mellor, who served as Chief Secretary to the Treasury in the Cabinet of Prime Minister John Major, has hit out at Meghan Markle on GB News.

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Prince Harry is 'needy'

The former Tory MP told GB News that a relative of an ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry ‘couldn't stand how needy he was’. Mellor doesn’t disclose who the relative is or which ex-girlfriend he is referring to. Instead, he simply says:

Please believe me; it’s an impeccable source.

In the same interview, Mellor describes the Duke of Sussex as ‘damaged’. Author of the book Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors, Tom Bower, also believes Prince Harry remains ‘damaged’ and ‘very disturbed’ due to childhood trauma:

He is psychologically harmed both by his mother’s death and the father’s treatment of his mother, and of Harry himself, when he was a child.

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He also refers to Prince Harry’s alleged neediness by claiming that the Duke ‘clings’ to his wife ‘like a needy man, like a life raft’. He explains it's because Meghan fulfilsall of Prince Harry’s ‘requirements’, which he apparently didn’t get from previous girlfriends.

In their documentary, Prince Harry says:

This woman is amazing, is everything that I’ve been looking for.

Meghan then jokingly refers to ‘a list of what he was looking for’, to ‘an extensive list’ Prince Harry had. When the interviewer asks about it, Harry points to his wife and replies:

This is the list

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Meghan exploiting Prince Harry’s neediness?

However, not everyone believes in the fairy-tale romance that the Sussexes are trying to convey. Bower believes that Meghan appeared in Prince Harry’s life at an ‘opportune moment’, stating that Harry was already unhappy.

In their documentary, the Duchess of Sussex insists that she knew nothing of ‘Prince Haz’ before their first meeting, but Bower is convinced otherwise. He believes:

Her genius was that, before she ever met him, she carefully researched him and, as an intelligent woman with a lot of experience, knew exactly what buttons to press.

Mellor told GB News that unlike Kate Middleton, who has stood by Prince William’s side and ‘given him the strength to actually do what he’s done’, Meghan is apparently using Prince Harry for her own personal gain, exploiting his traumatic childhood in the process. He said:

What has Meghan done for Harry? Has she done anything to say now, come on, you know, it was terrible what happened to your mother, but we've got a big life going ahead?

Before adding:

I think she's using Harry to exploit her own or build her own fame. Meghan is supporting the human being that is Meghan.

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