Kate Middleton: Insider claims her family is 'furious' Gary Goldsmith is going on Celebrity Big Brother

Kate Middleton’s uncle Gary Goldsmith is set to appear on the Celebrity Big Brother reboot. However, the Royal Family is not happy about it. Here’s why!

Kate Middleton uncle Gary Goldsmith Celebrity Big Brother Royals furious Prince Harry Meghan target
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Kate Middleton uncle Gary Goldsmith Celebrity Big Brother Royals furious Prince Harry Meghan target

Celebrity Big Brother is returning on screen from today March 4, after being axed in 2018. As ITV brings back the iconic show, they were eager to make the lineup as controversial as possible. it was revealed that Kate Middleton’s uncle signed up for the show, after rumours that Sarah Ferguson was approached by show bosses who allegedly offered her £500,000,

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The lineup of the show was revealed last week and Gary Goldsmith is also one of the celebs entering the house.

However, the Royal Family and Kate’s family, in particular, is not happy about their relative’s appearance on the show.

Kate Middleton’s family upset with Gary Goldsmith

Kate Middleton’s mother Carole is reportedly ‘infuriated’ by Gary’s decision to be on the show. According to The Sun, she fears he could spill a lot of Royal secrets and that won’t be good for anyone. This comes as Kate Middleton is understood to be recovering from her abdominal surgery with the help of her four best friends.

The 58-year-old Royal relative is currently in a London hotel with the ITV production team before his big entry into the house tonight. Kate’s mum Carole is said to be severely unhappy with the entire process as an insider revealed:

Gary said he’s been read the riot act by Kate’s mum Carole and her dad Michael.
They aren’t happy he’s going into Celebrity Big Brother.

Not just Kate’s family, but the Palace is also anxious about what Gary Goldsmith might have to say about the Royals and Kate’s family. The source added:

It is infuriating for them. Kate doesn’t need this stress.

Gary Goldsmith has always been considered the ‘black sheep’ of Kate’s family. He previously had plans to publish a tell-all memoir and was also rejected by I’m A Celeb bosses as they feared he would embarrass the Princess.

Gary Goldsmith on CBB may target Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Insiders believe that Gary could also target Prince Harry and Meghan Markle while he’s in the CBB house. The black sheep is famous for his ‘outspoken’ opinions on the couple and previously slammed them after the release of Prince Harry’s Spare.

Royal experts have criticised the show bosses' decision to welcome him into the Celebrity Big Brother house after it was revealed he doesn’t have Kate’s family’s blessing or approval to go on the show, confirms MailOnline.

Royal author Angela Levin labelled the move as ‘embarrassing’ and possibly ‘dangerous.’ She said:

I think it's cringe-making, very embarrassing, the trouble is he doesn't like Harry and Meghan at all, some of these comments will fall onto Catherine and she's had a lot against her, she's not well, she's in hospital.

Angela fears that given her current health situation, the Princess could feel very ‘vulnerable’ seeing his uncle say things about Prince Harry and Meghan. Rumours that the Princess may have deliberately asked her uncle to be on the show may also circulate around by those who don’t like her. She added:

It's very embarrassing. It's very hard being a royal, and I don't know if this is a good idea.

Meanwhile, show bosses are very delighted to have him on board and are eager to see what he might have to say about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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