Princess Diana: This psychic believes she received a message from the royal hinting at Charles' abdication

A woman who had an awakening after suffering from breast cancer reveals that she had formed a psychic connection with Princess Diana. Here’s what the former royal had to say about the monarchy.

Princess Diana psychic King Charles
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Princess Diana psychic King Charles

Princess Diana, the mother of Princes William and Harry, passed away in 1997 in a car accident in Paris. Though her death dates back to over 20 years, her aura remains strong. Many around the globe still love her and are eager to find out more about her.

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For those who are crushed that they will never have the opportunity to speak with her, rest assured: some selected few have found a way to speak with her and relay her words. That is the case for Gemma Lonsdale.

A spiritual awakening

It was in a story published by The Daily Star that we learnt about Gemma Lonsdale, 40, a woman who explains how her connection to Princess Diana came about.

According to Lonsdale, when she received her breast cancer diagnosis in 2018, she started to ask herself ‘deeper questions’ and started ‘receiving signs from the universe’. Those led her to believe that she could actually predict the future.

As time went by, Lonsdale explains that she started refining her craft and gained the ability to target specific people to channel: among them, Princess Diana.

Princess Diana’s message

Recently Lonsdale alleged that she spoke to the late Princess and that she hinted at ‘a scandal to come’ which could have major consequences.

Lonsdale continues:

I connected to her on the situation with Kate – she wanted to protect her kids and to protect Kate.

A very sweet possible message from the Princess whose untimely death ruined her chances of seeing her boys turn into men. But, Lonsdale’s conversation with Diana doesn’t stop there. The self-labeled psychic states that their talk quickly turned to King Charles.

She went on to talk about Charles – she was wagging her finger at him, telling him off.
She showed me him taking his crown off like he was stepping down, but she didn't show me why. She's not given me the inside scoop on what's to come – but there's definitely a scandal to come about.

As the Royal Family continues to navigate a difficult start of 2024, we hope that the ‘scandal to come’ isn’t too serious. Moreover, as we write about this psychic’s message from Princess Diana hinting at a possible abdication, King Charles just released a video message focused on unity for Maundy Thursday.

Not the first psychic experience involving Princess Diana

In January 2024, Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s former butler, revealed that her ghost is a ‘regular presence’ in his life. In an exclusive interview with Mirror, he explains that his words were proven right when he participated in the show Celebrity Help! My House is Haunted.

On the show, it appears like Burrell heard Princess Diana giggle and whisper a few words to him including ‘France’ and ‘sorry’. Moreover, Burrell is convinced that he is still deeply tuned into the Princess and explains that he often dreams about her, stating that ‘in dreams when you are not conscious, I believe you can actually reach out to another world.’

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