This psychic predicted King Charles’ health scare: What else does she see for the Royal Family?

The news about King Charles’ upcoming operation took most people by surprise when it was announced on 17 January. But this psychic saw it coming!

King Charles Royal Family Predictions Psychic
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King Charles Royal Family Predictions Psychic

The Royal Family is starting 2024 on an upsetting note. Just as their Christmas break had ended and they were expected to come back to royal duties, King Charles and the Princess of Wales made shock announcements about their health.

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While the Princess of Wales is currently in hospital following a ‘planned abdominal surgery’ the King will have his operation in the week of 22 January. Both health scares were made public on the same day with less than two hours in between, raising alarms all over the world.

But, now looking back, there was one person for whom this wasn’t completely surprising…

This psychic predicted King Charles’ health scare

In an article from The Sun on 27 December, psychic Sally Morgan gave her predictions for the Royal Family for 2024. According to the tabloid, Morgan ‘has been voted the UK’s best-loved psychic’ after a career working with spirits that started when she was just 4.

When making her royal predictions for 2024, Morgan addressed a possible ‘health hiccup’ for the King. With hindsight, that prediction seems spot on but there is a slight catch: she predicted it for May or June.

The psychic explained further:

We will learn that the king has spent a night in hospital during this time.

Does that mean we can expect more news about the King’s health later on in the year? We will definitely keep an eye on that!

Did she foresee Kate Middleton’s surgery?

According to Morgan, 2024 is supposed to be ‘wholesome’ for the Princess of Wales. So far we can’t say that this is the word we would have chosen but who knows, maybe her months of recuperation at home will be wholesome.

Indeed, she will be spending prolonged uninterrupted time with her children which is something the Princess hasn’t been able to do for a long while. The psychic also predicts that the Princess will spend most of her 2024 becoming ‘more involved in her charity work’. Middleton could also suffer from ‘migraines’.

What about the other royals?

The psychic also addressed Prince William’s fate in 2024. The newest events have raised the question about whether or not he would need to step up while the King is recuperating from his surgery.

However, after Kensington Palace shared that the Princess was in the hospital, it was announced that Prince William would not return to royal work until she’s out of the hospital and after a few days of the Princess being settled at home.

That lack of work from the Prince is not something Sally Morgan predicted. As a matter of fact she foresaw the exact opposite.

it will become obvious that William is taking more of a front seat in 2024.

Though this may be true if the King does have a second health care in May or June (which we do not wish for), so far Prince William is choosing to prioritise family over royal duties. Moreover, after the King’s surgery was announced, the Palace made it clear that his Counsellors of State will not be needed.

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