King Charles may entrust Kate Middleton with a significant new role as he tries to mend family relations

It was thought that King Charles would strip his estranged son and brother of their Royal roles, however, he’s making amends in a way to keep peace in the family.

Kate could become Counsellor of State
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Kate could become Counsellor of State

The House of Lords called for a ‘sensible amendment’ to the Regency Act that gives Prince Harry and Prince Andrew the right to act as counsellors of state. Counsellors of state are a pool of Royal Family members (essentially the spouse of the monarch and the next four in line to the throne aged over 21), who carry out constitutional roles when the monarch is abroad or unwell.

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Kate to become an insider too

Since Prince Harry quit his Royal role and lives 5,000 miles away in California and Prince Andrew has been dispatched from public life under the sex abuse case, an amendment was requested to remove the two from the list of ‘counsellors of state.’

However, it is confirmed that King Charles has decided that his son and brother would not face any further embarrassment because of their separate departures from The Firm. As such, in a new move to maintain peaceful family relations, new names will be added to the pool of counsellors instead of removing Princes Harry and Andrew.

The current counsellors include - the Queen Consort, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Sussex, the Duke of York and Princess Beatrice.

Mirror confirms, three names could be added to widen the pool – Prince Edward, Princess Anne and possibly the new Princess of Wales – Kate Middleton. A palace source confirmed:

It makes perfect sense. It deals with the present problem in that there are not enough working royals to act as Counsellors of State. This is the simplest way of dealing with the problem.
In that the legislation could specifically make Prince Edward and Princess Anne Counsellors of State, adding to those who are already there.
Adding the Princess of Wales is unprecedented, but this also makes sense.

Maintaining peace within the family

According to another source, the monarch is said to have made the decision with the knowledge of his late mother months ago to ‘spare the blushes’ of both the Dukes. The Telegraph confirmed that private secretaries of Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles are working together to deal with the issue before the Royal Family’s coronation world tour early next year.

Although the changes and transition require a lot of paperwork and government action, it is believed that the new counsellors will be appointed before the Royal tour.

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