King Charles and Kate Middleton allegedly clash over her children's roles in the Royal Family

Being a part of the Royal Family comes with a lot of responsibility. For a family, it can be hard to navigate. King Charles and Kate reportedly often clash on one topic.

King Charles and Kate Middleton allegedly clash over the children’s roles in the Royal Family
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King Charles and Kate Middleton allegedly clash over the children’s roles in the Royal Family

Being a member of the Royal Family can be taxing as there is a certain image that constantly needs to be upheld. As a result, being a child in the firm must be somewhat unsettling and for the parents, it can be rather hard to allow them the freedom of being children while also upholding the values and image.

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Now that Charles is King, Prince William is the first heir to the throne, and his son, Prince Geroge, 9, is now second in line. That in itself is a lot to deal with as a young child. According to reports, Prince William and Princess Kate try their best to bring their children up as normally as possible.

However, an unidentified source recently revealed that King Charles allegedly tries to intervene in the Prince and Princess of Wales’ way of upbringing their three children.

King Charles and Princess Kate allegedly clash over the children

As reported by Marie Claire, King Charles and Princess Kate reportedly don’t see eye to eye on how to raise Prince George, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5.

King Charles allegedly wants to send the three children to boarding school, as he had done as a child and with his two sons, Princes William and Harry. However, Princess Kate would rather keep her children close.

Currently, the children attend Lambrook, which is also a boarding school, but don’t stay during the week.

Moreover, Princess Kate would like to bring her children up equally, even if Prince George is the heir to the throne. She reportedly wants to avoid tensions such as those between Prince Harry and Prince William.

According to a source, Princess Kate only allows Prince George responsibilities if she thinks it’s a good fit. The source told OK:

Kate is open to giving George more roles, her stance is only if she signs off on it.
To her, the king's word is not final when it comes to her children. She’s been very clear about that. And if that starts a rift or even a full-out war, then so be it

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Queen Camilla and Prince William allegedly stay out of it

The source then adds that Queen Camilla generally doesn’t intervene in these clashes, however, they do explain that Camilla still ‘supports Charles’ decisions’.

Camilla is a fan of Kate’s, but she doesn’t intervene in these instances. She has to support Charles’ decisions as his queen.

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As reported by Maire Claire, Prince William once expressed his wish for Prince George to grow in a ‘real, living environment’.

I don’t want him growing up behind palace walls. He has to be out there

The source also notes that the Princess of Wales tends to ‘take the lead’ when it comes to the children and the roles they play in the Firm so that Prince William doesn’t have to go through conflicts with his father.

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