King Charles planning £12M restoration on historic Royal Family palace

Did you know? King Charles’ family owns the Tatoi Palace on Mount Parnitha, near Athens in Greece.

King Charles Greek Tatoi Palace Prince Philip
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King Charles Greek Tatoi Palace Prince Philip

King Charles has been on a roll with the renovations. In December 2022, it was reported that the King would be spending £369 million on Buckingham Palace.

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Now, he has taken up another project. King Charles is planning to restore the historic Tatoi Palace and convert it into a museum by 2025.

Late Prince Philip’s family stayed in Greece until he was 18 months old. The Tatoi Palace on Mount Parnitha, near Athens, was their home as the Royals found it to be ‘more private’ than the official Royal Palace. When Prince Philip’s family was forced to flee the country during a period of fierce political turmoil, the palace was handed over to the state.

It is understood that the palace is still full of their belongings and has remained frozen in time since.

King Charles to restore the Greek Tatoi Palace for £12 million

In a meeting with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his wife, King Charles has reportedly started a new plan to restore the palace and convert it into a museum. According to The Mirror, a £12.3 million investment will transform the palace into a museum by 2025. This would come as part of a joint venture between Britain and Greece, and King Charles' Prince's Foundation is advising the Greek government on restoring the complex.

The restoration would transform King George I’s stables into a museum and renovate the garden that is the house for several Royal tombs.

The renovation comes after a long legal battle over who owned the palace ended in 2002. Royal Family received compensation of € 12 million, an estimated one per cent of the total value of the estate as decided by the European Court of Human Rights.

Visitors will be able to stumble across some mysterious objects left behind and obscured by overgrowth when the palace turns into a museum. This would include gates that lead to nowhere, crumbling buildings, rusting vehicles and at least 20 royals and five heads of state have been buried on the grounds.

What does the Tatoi Palace look like?

King Charles is set to give the Tatoi Palace an expensive makeover to restore to its former glory. The palace bought by King George I is a 10,000-acre estate located on Mount Parnitha near Athens. Initially, the palace was bought as a summer holiday home, until it became the main residence for Prince Philip’s family.

The palace is surrounded by woods, rivers and wildlife. It also has personnel quarters, stables, beehives, and farms, as well as the main palace building. Tatoi Palace’s main residence was secured but other parts of this lost beauty still need a lot of makeover. It's also the final resting place of Philip's father and King Charles's grandfather, Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark.

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