Prince Edward: The royal set to take on more engagements for the Royal Family

As some of the most important senior Royals - King Charles, Prince William and Kate Middleton are on a break from Royal duties, Prince Edward is stepping up like never before.

Prince Edward 'leading man' Royal Family Prince William Kate Middleton break Royal engagements
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Prince Edward 'leading man' Royal Family Prince William Kate Middleton break Royal engagements

King Charles envisioned a ‘slimmed down’ monarchy under his reign. However, what he may not have realised is the dynamics of this slimmed-down monarchy may suffer if more than one or two working Royals take a break from their work. Amidst the ongoing health struggles of some of the most important senior Royals, the operations of the Firm are being affected.

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After King Charles and Kate Middleton, Prince William also announced that he would be taking a ‘four-week’ break from work until issues at home resolve.

Prince Edward set to become temporary leading man for the Royal Family

King Charles had already announced the rescheduling of his forthcoming engagements at the start of this year. Kate Middleton was expected to make a return around Easter, but due to recent developments, even Prince William has taken a break. Amidst this, other senior Royals like Queen Consort, the Duchess of Edinburgh, the Duchess of Gloucester and more are taking on more engagements.

One royal in particular has come forward and is said to be the temporary leading man of the Royal Family - Prince Edward. In 2023, Prince Edward undertook 297 royal engagements, the third largest number of any royal that year after King Charles and his sister Anne, the Princess Royal, reports

Insiders have now praised Prince Edward - who also took a short break in February that left Royal fans worried - for his ‘inner steel.’ According to Tatler, a former Balmoral gamekeeper reported to the media that the Prince is a ‘really tough bloke.’ He said:

Edward was easily the toughest of all the princes. Nothing was too much for him.

Edward and his wife Sophie have always been loved by the public and often labelled as a competent, confident couple. The couple has remained unfazed on the public stage regardless of the dynamics at home and entirely focused on delivering for the Royal Family.

Pressure on other senior Royals

In the challenging time that the Royal Family is currently facing, their family has come forward to support each other. Even Prince Harry has privately communicated with Prince William but there still remains a lot of pressure on working Royals. Peter Phillips opened up about the pressure during a recent interview, reports Hello! Magazine.

The son of Princess Anne confessed that for the dynamics of the Royal Family to be operational, other senior royals have to take on more responsibilities. He said:

Everyone has their own different role to play.
There's a lot of pressure on the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, my mother and the Queen to take on a lot more of the responsibilities… that adds its own pressures.

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