Prince William and Kate Middleton are not as happy as they seem, insider reveals

Behind the royal scenes, ‘the perfect couple’ William & Kate can really get into a tizzy, an insider reveals.

Insider reports William & Kate have screaming arguments
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Insider reports William & Kate have screaming arguments

With all their royal appearances and public events, one could easily forget that away from the cameras William and Kate - like an average married couple - also have to put in the effort, in order to balance their partnership. In his new book, Robert Jobson reveals that this often leads to heated arguments between the two.

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Behind the royal scenes

What usually remains hidden from us is that not everything in William and Kate's relationship is as perfect as it seems. In the book William at 40: The Making of a Modern Monarch, royal connoisseur Jobson analyses how the Prince and Duchess get into heated arguments at their home in Kensington Palace. However overall, they have a well-balanced marriage, Jobson writes:

They have a solid relationship and it gives him confidence, they delight in each other's successes.

William is a shouter

But after eleven years of marriage, heated scenes do occur from time to time. Especially since William is said to be not quite as level-headed as he appears in public. Jobson elaborates:

He can be a bit of a screamer when he loses his nerve. It can be said that the Duke and Duchess dish out as much to each other as they take when their disagreements lead to vociferous arguments.

A well-rehearsed team

Nevertheless, these quarrels are usually over before they really start. There are rarely long arguments. After all, the two are a well-coordinated team. Jobson continues:

They know each other so well that it is usually over quickly - and she has a great calming influence on him overall.

Given the turmoil surrounding Harry and Meghan, it is crucial for the British Royal Family that William and Kate stick together. They need to exercise prudence internally, but also externally as well.

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