5 times the Royal Family members made us laugh

The members of the Royal Family albeit serious can deliver hilarious remarks in the most random situations.

The Royal family
© Max Mumby
The Royal family

While the Royal Family puts forward a seriously polished public appearance, they do have some hilarious moments from time to time. The Royal Family, especially the Queen, is known for having a great sense of humor behind closed doors. Even in public, they don't shy away from poking fun at each other. Here are some memorable moments when the royals left us all giggling.

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Queen Elizabeth

The Queen has had her fair share of funny moments. However, this incident still leaves us smiling. One day, while strolling the grounds of Balmoral along with her bodyguard, the Queen encountered some American tourists. The tourists apparently failed to recognize her and asked 'Have you ever met the queen?', to which she responds 'No,' and then points to her guard and says 'But he has.'

Kate Middleton

Prince William & Kate Samir Hussein

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge once arrived late to an event. When asked why they were late, Kate cheekily replies 'William had to do his hair!'

Prince William

Kate admitted to being a terrible cook at a gala dinner in 2016, saying, 'William has to put up with my cooking most of the time.' 'It's the reason I'm so skinny,' her husband replied, sassily.

Prince Harry

While on tour in Morocco, Prince Harry teased a well-wisher, joining the global excitement over his wife Meghan's pregnancy. 'Wait, you're pregnant?' he replied, turning to his wife. Meghan then got in on the act, saying, 'Surprise!'

Prince Harry Samir Hussein

Prince Charles

During a 2014 engagement, Prince Charles was amused when he was told he looked 'buff' in a shirtless photograph taken in the 1970s. Before making a speech, he had to ask Prince William, his son, what the word meant, and says, 'I know my eldest will now demonstrate his buff credentials.'

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