Queen Elizabeth: Here's how Royal Family members will mark her first death anniversary

On 8 September 2023, it will have been a full year since the longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, died. This is what the Royal Family will do to honour her.

Queen Elizabeth: Here's how Royal Family members will mark her first death anniversary
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Queen Elizabeth: Here's how Royal Family members will mark her first death anniversary

Queen Elizabeth II passed away 8 September 2022 after doctors raised concerns about her health. At the time, the monarch was in Scotland, at Balmoral Castle which the late Queen adored. When she passed away, it is understood that the monarch was surrounded by family.

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The announcement of her death travelled all around the world and thousands paid tribute to her long life of service. Moreover, when she died, the British monarchy lost its icon, the woman who had become the face of the Firm.

As the first anniversary of her death approaches, many across the globe are planning on honouring the late Queen, but what about her own family? Here’s everything we know about the Royal Family’s plans.

The Royal Family divided

When Queen Elizabeth II passed away last September, it was an occasion for the public to see most members of the Royal Family reunited. Indeed, in the last few years, the family has been rocked by many scandals and rumours of feuds culminating with the Sussexes moving abroad.

However, all seemed to put their differences aside in order to honour the life of Queen Elizabeth offering the world images of powerful and touching tributes.

This will not be the case this coming September. Indeed, all members of the Royal Family are reported to have different plans.

King Charles, isolated but traditional

It is understood that King Charles will honour the death of his mother and his ascension to the throne in Balmoral Castle where she passed away.

His tribute will be held alone, in silence and with no family gathering. The choice of solitude may seem strange to the public but King Charles III is following in his mother’s footsteps. Indeed, Queen Elizabeth had done the same in 1953 to mark the death of her father George VI.

Princess Anne will be distracted

According to royal expert Jennie Bond who spoke to Express, Princess Anne will be surrounded by her grandchildren on 8 September.

The royal expert explains:

They throw your focus onto the future, instead of dwelling on the past, and I imagine Princess Anne will be taking every chance to be with her grandchildren – as much as she can with her extremely busy work schedule.

At the time of Queen Elizabeth’s death, it is known that the Princess Royale was at her mother’s bedside. The upcoming anniversary of her death is sure to be difficult for Princess Anne and the royal expert believes that the Princess will also use work to distract herself from the significant day.

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Prince Harry, in the country but not in the family

Since stepping down as a ‘senior member’ of the Royal Family in 2020, Prince Harry has been a pain for the Firm. Indeed, since moving to the United States, the Sussexes have made damning revelations about their mistreatment while they were working royals.

Since moving to California, Prince Harry has been back in the UK several times including the Queen’s funeral to which his wife Meghan Markle also came, King Charles III’s coronation which he attended alone and then exited without spending time with his family and for his trial against publication of the British press.

It is reported by The Telegraph that Prince Harry will be in London on 7 September to deliver a speech at the WellChild Awards. This means that the Duke of Sussex will mostly be in the UK on the day of Queen Elizabeth’s death. His plans about a possible tribute to his grandmother, who he seemed very close to, are yet to be known.

Moreover, Prince Harry will have to ask permission from Buckingham Palace in order to get accommodation as he no longer has a place of residence in the country.

However, it is known that Prince Harry will be back in Dusseldorf, Germany on 9 September in order to attend the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games.

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Prince William and Kate in the spotlight

While, so far, it seems like most members of the Royal Family have opted to honour the late Queen in private, the Cambridges are rumoured ‘to make an emotional pilgrimage to a cathedral in Wales where the late Queen visited,’ according to The Mirror.

After their visit to St David’s Cathedral the couple will then visit other communities in South Wales. At the moment,Prince William is not believed to be making a speech during any of those visits. However, The Mirror reports that:

Prince William is on the day expected to lead tributes from the royal family, paying homage to the life and legacy of Elizabeth II, but any message will strongly “look to the future”

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